He leads me to some of the "funnest" groups. I joined because I follow Ar, Lala, and Sara.

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Damn. I don't rate stalkers like her.


I could not be related to such animals!

LOL sibling rivalry lol

No way i was being good this time! They just like to pick on me when they get together...

Thanks Jennifer. You are sweet. <br />
<br />
Ar, Speaking of crap... did one of them crap in your pillowcase? You must have been really bad for them to do that.

Yeah eeww!

LOL brown huh? ewww!

It went from white to brown after they was done with it -_-.. Those to are nasty!

LOL Jennifer.<br />
<br />
Are you sure the lion didn't eat it?

The others aren't to be trusted! They did something to my pillow.