I Am My Worst Critic

I expect a lot from myself - to be the best mom and the best housewife, etc...

When I have been down lately, I have been known to say I'm not a good wife, I'm not a good mom, I'm not a good housewife, I'm not a good friend but I am a GOOD Daughter - I said that recently to my mom and she got mad at me - so mad - she said, "You are talking about my daughter and I don't want to hear anymore of that putting yourself down!"  That was sweet.  I still think it though!

The one other thing I was thinking when I joined this group - I do only judge myself - and that is why sometimes it amazes me how quickly people are willing to judge me - I think I am not doing that with your post or lifestyle choice or comment - why would you think it would be okay to do with me??

I am glad you formed this group! 

DorothyofOz DorothyofOz
41-45, F
Mar 21, 2009