Shoes.... Nothing But Shoes

As long as there are shoes on the pics of pretty ladies it inspires me to ********** over those pics.
The hottest pics of course are naked girls with only shoes. But clothed ones can also be sexy. The most inspiring to me are heels but other types get me going too; flats, sneakers, boots, but with a noticable preference for pumps, MJ's and anklestraps. As long as they are daily "wearable" and not shoes "made for sex"
Even pics of ugly girls with pretty shoes turn me on, as a matter of fact I'm more turned on by their shoes than by who is wearing them.

This is not a lie although most of you won't believe me but I bought more than 1000 pairs for my gf. I am so obsessed by it that I need to hide them because it is so unreasonable to buy this quantity.
I don't ********** with shoes but would rather, touch them or smell the leather and admire them.
I cannot stop watching girls in heels especially when it is my girlfriend who does so. Best of course is when she wears some for sex.

I'm also repulsed by used or smelly shoes and here I think I am very different from most shoe fetishists. I like them new with their exciting leather smell.
I wonder how other people react to this and would like to know if there are any guys like me?
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

Oh yes, me too! I got into dressing at age 11 by trying on mom's shoes and slippers. She had quite a collection of high heels, and I wore them all! 30 years later, I have way more than 150 pairs in my own stash and could cry for all the ones I have purged on guilt trips and just for lack of anywhere to store them all.

Love to see a woman in high heels clicking around the mall or supermarket and I could follow her (discreetly of course) for miles.....My absolute favorite style is mules - there is something particularly erotic about the sight and sound of them click-slapping as they walk; gets me worked up every time!

Yes, nothing beats that fresh smell of new high heels :) I don't mind second hand ones (something especially sexy about wearing "hers"), but not if they are really worn, dirty or smelly, which is totally gross. Nice to find someone who thinks the same way.

High heels are definitely a turn on. Some are works of art onto themselves.

I do agree! the shapes can be so smooth and rounded that an artist would have difficulties copying some beauties without loosing the fluent lines that real shoes show. Some shoes indeed are artworks, I can even say; worn on the right feet, a lot of shoes are.