Which Right Now...

that is about no one. its my own fault, i put way too much trust in the wrong person. so now, i feel like i cant trust anyone.
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3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Rationality becomes difficult.true love means loving your victim even if they do not love you back!
i still love the people that let down on me because i'm not them.i will be here when and if they should need me because my friendship is genuine unlike theirs and im proud of it.i refuse to change because people don't value trust and so i should end up like them,but rather i would like to change them and i have so much excessive trust that people can have as much as they want and it will never run out.
come one come all.

I understand how you feel..it happened to me not just once but many times..don't blame yourself,be sorry for that person who broke your trust for he/she would loose a wonderful person like yourself.Trust is earned and stick with those people who had already earned it.

I am so sorry to see you so upset.If ever you want to talk knock on my door,there will always be a welcome for you.