Close Knit...

That is my ultimate goal; to have a circle with people I really connect with. For the time being, there's still too many folks in my circle who really are "just" fans.
I appreciate it that people want to add me just to be able to follow what I write, but those shouldn't be sitting in my friends list.

So, at a certain point in time, I will "weed-out' quite a few "friends". Just don't feel offended when you drop down from "friend" to "fan". I don't have any grudges or ill feelings towards you, nor anybody else for that matter -bar the exception or two.

It's just that, well, people who just sit there and who don't have any stories or anything -and since I don't chat but with a few exceptions here on EP- I again feel that those people shouldn't be on my friends list...

So please, don't go screaming bloody murder because I have dropped you from my friends list. It's nothing personal. It's just meant for me to keep sight of things and, like I said, to mould my list into one consisting of people who I really connect with  : )
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15 Responses May 7, 2011

Sure, but I wanted to get to 250 stories :P

je pense que le jimmyrudyjump est merveilleux et fascinant et beau !

LMAO! well... those people probably aren't going to read this story anyway... xoxo

My apologies if I didn't make it clear enough in the story that it's only people with whom I absolutely have NO interaction who will be dropped from my list... even those with whom I have irregular contact will remain friends... : )

Nope... none of you either ; )

Well, if I was in your shoes that would make sense to do, just hope that I wont get dropped from your friends list. Somehow I do think it would hurt my feelings a little...

what???????????? we're getting married! don't leave me at the alter!

Nah, none of you here will get bumped... I like you all too much... there's a few people on my friends list who haven't been around for over two months and some such...<br />
It's all people who I absolutely don't have any interaction with... so don't worry too much about it : )

yummmm.... **pours more coffee**

An "itty-bitty" group is much more fun too, Nelladell : )

*sticks a peg of Dutch apple-pie in sunni's invitingly opened mouth*<br />
<br />
I simply luuurrrv pink, Blossie... I bet you'll look real purdy in it too :P

I have trouble keeping up with people and I only have an itty bitty group. Sigh.

*whistles and quietly knits a little closer*<br />
<br />
I hope pink is your colour ;)

EEEEKKKKKK...***screams bloody murder***<br />
<br />

Well, it's not going to happen anytime soon anyway..; : )