I Just Want Friends With No "benefits"

I hate when I join sites n get hit on, I just want friends to talk to an be able to relate to.
I dnt want to get kinky or talk dirty. I am happy in my life n my relationship. If I was looking I'd make sure ya knew it.
Why is that so hard for some ppl to get????
Curvygurl Curvygurl
31-35, F
1 Response Oct 6, 2011

Why does it matter what I call my self? I'm proud of my curves n that's all there is to it.<br />
I dnt have a dirty pic of my self up I have never once gave the notion to make anyone think otherwise.<br />
It's just like when women dress a curtine way n ppl say oh she's asking for it. Maybe she dressed that way to feel good about her self. An what if I was a lesbian? That name dnt tell u, some men just assume. I could see if I put hot n single as my name.