Friends Are Better...

I really enjoy the people on EP that I connect with. But it seems silly to add people to your circle and not have them return the favor. I am totally ok if someone doesn't like or accept me, but I don't want to be seeing their activity and chiming in on things they say like a puppy seeking approval. In no way do I want this to come across as mean spirited, I am not like that. Its just that I understand people have different lifestyles, interests, likes, dislikes etc. By keeping my circle full of those that enjoy having me as a friend back I know my comments, experiences, etc will be appreciated more.
PHSensei PHSensei
36-40, M
1 Response Mar 28, 2009

I seem to add people who I don't hear from, but i am used to that...maybe it's cos i am from uk !!!!!!! doing it wrong again i think ???