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A Small, Personal Circle

I try to only add people to my circle who I either feel I have a lot in common with, or who I've run across somewhere on the sight and got along with well. I don't want a bunch of complete strangers who I have nothing in common with filling up my circle. So, I have a really small circle, but I know who most of the people are and like them a lot, even if I'm not close to them....though unfortunately more and more of them are leaving EP on "breaks"...and I can only hope they actually come back. *sigh*

InvariableAlteration InvariableAlteration 22-25, F 5 Responses Dec 6, 2009

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hi floaton feather iv hemitized myself 21yrs not a friendship genuine have i found the rest u took outta my mouth so may i be as bold to b direct on some immediate must know quests off u like. kids where u at how old and any thing else yu like to add

Yeah, it's about impossible to think of actually having hundreds of friends; I have a hard time even getting close to a few people. So I do want to keep my circle fairly small...I already have way more people than I actually interact with.

I think the secret of it is to think about what it takes to be real friends in ordinary life and apply to internet life. That's to say you can't really be Friends with hundred nay thousands so keep your friends here as just a small number of people who you have a lot in common and also keep in touch with you either through messaging or email and work with that.<br />
Love CarolineBelinda

Yeah, I really like it here, I can socialize without the pressure of having someone standing right in front of me waiting for me to say something, lol. I don't like socializing in real life much, but I love EP.

it is sad when virtual mates leave ep.ive been away for a while ill and am tryng to catch up an make new friends,im a hermit myself but enjoyed being in touch with the world through ep.