So Lucky I Met You

When I met u I was in a daze
at first I thought it was faze
but as the days went by I seen
why I feel for you I seen why u
fell for me

I am no longer alone
u are not my clone
u r my mate some one
I can date but this. Is more than
a regular relation ship I see our fate
it is wonderful as is u my mate

I see now I am lucky I met u
my one and only mate

Ps doesn't all rhyme but I tried lol one of my first peoms
wolfie39 wolfie39
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 25, 2013

Good poem

Thanks ;)

Your welcome!:)

It was great! I love you! ^_^ :)

Love u 2 *blushes*


Awww :) so sweet

Thanks ;) I tried

Its good :)

Thank u

Anytime :)

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