Buying Wow Gold From Oofay

i bought 10k  wow gold  from WWW.OOFAY.COM yesterday, and they  delivered it to me  just  within 25min, how  fast O.O!!!  i will use them  from  now  on~~~~  u guys  should have a try !!!!  come on ~~

Dannial Dannial
6 Responses Feb 21, 2009

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I bought ISK from for serveral <br />
times and they delivered my full order within <br />
<br />
an hour.I trust them and buy ISK from them as <br />
<br />
long as i need the ISK.Btw,i got a coupon code <br />
<br />
'LD007' for 10-50% discount,lol~

oops! I get coupon code LJ007 from, and they also did grate job! Pretty fast delivery and 10% discount, I'm loving it!

i just placed an order on, then one of representative sent me an email and gave me a coupon code wxn007, she said this code would be valid all the time, i used it, it, i got my gold within an hour, this is the best goldseller i ever used, this guys are marvelous^^!

i also think it is a excellent Cooperation partner, i m the old client .and often i can get a new coupon code for next order . i love their fast delivery and great service . lol, i will recommend it to my wow firends .:P