A Blessing In Disguise

I think menstruation is a blessing in disguise. I used to never think I would be greatful to have a period or the pain that goes with it. When I was about 13 (I'm 23 now, almost 24) I got my first period. I was so easily embarassed and didn't tekk anybody...not even my mom. I prayed for God to take it away and not let me go through that again. Well I didn't have another one until I was about 15. Then it stopped again. I was relieved. As I got older, my family started to worry that I didn't have a period...or at least not a regular one. I refused to be checked. I didn't feel like anything was wrong. I felt like I was blessed! When I was 19, and still hadn't had another one, I finally asked a doctor about it. He gave me some kind of pills that made me menstruate. I absolutely hated it! It was the worst. pain and most disgusting situation I had ever had to deal with. I quit taking the pills after about 3 days. I decided I just didn't want to have it. Well, now I am 23 and had started to worry that I may never be able to get pregnant because of me not having regular, natural periods. It has really been taking a toll on my emotions as everyone around me is having babies. 12 weeks ago, I started changing the way I eat and started exercising regularly. So far, I have lost 61 pounds. 3 days ago I started spotting and over the past few days started to bleed slightly more. I haven't had any bad cramps or pain yet but have started to feel some very light cramping. I really used to never think that I would ever be happy about this. But I really am thankful. I'm really praying that it will start to come regular and maybe, one day I will be able to experience the blessing of giving birth to my own child. Like I said, a blessing in disguise!
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I think it's a sexy part of what makes up a woman also a wonderful sign of her health and fertility!