We Are New To Swinging

we have been with a few (not many ) couples
we ar AHOTWIFE on desireswingers.com our first ever online ad

but 2 weeks ago on a simple celebrity cruise two different
hot beautiful college age females mad ethe first moves to seduce my 42 yo wife who looks 36
its wild what people do on vacation one was with a group of three other girls and the other one was with her mom

after the erotic encounter with both of them (different times) my wife asked them why did they choose to try this
they both had almos the same reply they had experimented a little in the past
and figured my wife is very very sweet and attractive
open minded and flirts right back if she sees and opening
my wifes beautiful killer smile and deep blue eyes can make a person melt
they said they cant do anything llike this at home as it would be all over the gossip mill

i got to watch and both girls did stroke me and help my wife pleasure me during the encounters

but both of them were really wanting to meet with her several times

so she met with them both twice after that alone without me to let them feel more relaxed

on the last night we were talking with them (at different times )
and we brought up the fact about the other young girl that my wife played with on the ship

our last night we invited the both to our cabin at 11 pm and i got to watch the most beautiful ********* ever!
they were also very supportive to assisting to my needs!!

lets hope they enjoy life to the fulest!

AHOTWIFE and getting hotter!

desireswingers007 desireswingers007
May 6, 2012