Curious About Wife Sharing

I am 35, 5’4”, 130 pounds, shoulder length light brown hair, 34B-30-35, two children, married to my one and only best friend. He is a wonderful partner, provider and father. I was his first (damn near had to rape him, this after four months of dating) and he knows about six lovers (two in high school) I had before we met at the start of our junior year in college. There are times when I wish I wasn’t as honest, well at least not as detailed, when he asked about my previous sex partners. The truth is that my loving, attentive and loyal husband is the best lover I’ve known with no close second but not the best sexual partner I’ve had. He just doesn’t have the “package” to compare to four of the men I had, or had me, whatever. I keep telling him it doesn’t matter. It’s him I so truly love, and will forever.
I am a part-time and substitute elementary school teacher, he is his company’s comptroller. We do our best to look our best for each other, which includes keeping our bodies fit and as trim as can be. But with soccer and dance classes and a lovely home to keep, this on top of the stresses and pressures of managing the growth of his company and its subsidiaries, our sex life has become more nurturing than exciting. His job requires frequent out-of-town travel, often three and more days. That means telephone sex most every night he is away, and we both **********. He knows that I use my vibrator but what he didn’t know until three months ago was that I have a solid latex ***** that is 4 inches longer and twice as thick as he is when fully hard, and that right after we end our telephone sex and say good night, I bite on a towel so that my moans and groans do not wake the children as I work my “secret friend” in and out of my *****, the one I hid at the back of my undies drawer, until I have the kind of powerful ******* I’ve never had within.
While in New York City he did some shopping at an upscale lingerie shop, then planned to surprise me by placing the sexy, lacy things he bought in my drawer and letting me just discover them, but the surprise was on him. That’s how he discovered my “secret friend.” That night in bed he asked me about it, more about why I felt that I had to hide it from him than why I needed it. He felt threatened, still, I was honest with him about “size,” which for me had more to do with girth than length. I tried to convince him that I didn’t “need” it and that it was merely a play-thing to enjoy when he was away. To my surprise and glee my honesty turned him on, to the point that he wanted me to show him. He got so incredibly excited hearing my moans and seeing my facial expressions as he sat on his heels between my legs watching it stretch and fill my ***** that he shot his load the minute my body bucked and trembled to the powerful ****** I gave myself. He appreciated the fact that I hid this only because I was afraid of hurting his feelings, still, from that point on we renewed our vow to not keep secrets from each other.
One night about three months or so after we added this new “twist” that added so much needed energy and passion to our love life, as I lie over him with his **** in my mouth as he stroked “our” huge ***** in and out of me wile licking my engorged clitty (his very favorite position) we he had simultaneous, really powerful *******. Then as we snuggled in each other’s arms, with our heads on the same pillow and savored the afterglow, he said that it excited him to fantasize that he watched another man’s **** go in and out of my *****. This fantasy took seed the very first time he watched me use it. It steadily got so that I had the ***** in me much more often than his ****. This seed grew and grew as he took to using it on me, and especially so when he began to lick me at the same time. Now it was my time to feel threatened. He asked me if I fantasized about having sex with other men. I said not with other men, just the one man -- one of our son’s soccer coaches. He was also married but she liked the way he looked at her. It was obvious to only them that they were attracted to each other but could not possibly go beyond that bit of discreet flirtation. He wasn’t at all handsome but he was fit and athletic, and she definitely liked the bulge she saw in gym shorts. I admitted that I sometimes fantasized about him while working my ***** but fantasy was fantasy, and would remained such. I had my man and loved him to pieces, and that was that.
Just three days later I noticed that he paid as much attention to the coach as he did the game. That alone intrigued me. Did he actually want to watch me have sex with him? To be honest that thought both threatened and excited me. The answer came that same night. He said that he did some research online and discovered that many happily married couples had sex with others. Some were into swinging, some were into cuckolding, and some were into wife sharing. Then he described the difference between the three. He wasn’t at all interested in having another woman but the thought of watching her have a go with the soccer coach excited him. So that became our mutual fantasy. I was quite vocal as I pretended to be having sex with him as my husband licked my ***** while stretching and filling it with the *****, and it was great! REALLY great!
We have talked about this a lot, from just about every angle. While my husband has convinced me that he truly wants this to happen he does not pressure. This is something we would do as a team, for the both of us, with the emphasis on “us.” We have even agreed to some loose parameters – what be both could and could not handle, beginning with the fact that there is no way I could have sex with another with him right there watching. I would be much too inhibited for that and if ever I could get myself to do if, and that was a big IF, it would be to try it one time and decide where to go from there. That would be my decision and he would have to fully and sincerely accept it.
I have not decided yet but, to be honest, I have transitioned from NO WAY to MAYBE. We have a comfy, nicely furnished rec room in our basement. The plan that I am leaning toward to make this wife sharing thing happen—if I decide to do it -- would be to ask the coach, who makes air conditioning and heating service call, to stop by to check something out in our heating system, which is in the basement, and once there let him know that my husband is out of town and the kids were in school, and that gave us a couple hours alone -- to do whatever we wanted. Purely on “possibility” my husband built a small tool closet against the wall facing the rec room, especially the couch, and then installed an ornately framed 3’x4’ Budweiser poster that was actually a one-way mirror through which the manager could keep an eye on things in his bar, and a door with a lock (supposedly to prevent our kids from touching power tools and such) but in reality provived him a secret and unobstructed view.
Everything is ready – but me. My husband loves and respects me, we are married forever. I have read many letters in forums and such submitted by husbands who share their wives, as well as letters written by wives who have been shared. They are mostly but not all positive. Most say that this makes them more secure and closer than ever. Some say that it had damaged their relationships, mostly by not sticking to the “rules,” so to speak. So much of me all but begs to have an uninhibited go with the coach and yet something I just cannot put my finger on holds me back.
I’m wondering if there and wives out there (husbands too) who have found or find themselves in my situation and what they do about it.

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Yeah we have only just opened up to a open marrage, She already cheated several times but the guy she sees does such a good job of pleasing her.
I havnt and probly wont hav sex with someone else as its still something i hold dear in my heart for her