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I Love To Have My Legs Wide Open

Is wonderful open my legs to the man I want, The feeling to be penetrated and feel the masculinity inside me is something enjoyable that I have experienced since the first time. I love to have sex.
Jennylou83 Jennylou83 26-30, F 9 Responses Apr 6, 2011

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Fascinating. I'm 6'4" 230lbs. Am I too wide for your legs?

I love to see a hot sexy girl who is ready for sex open her legs really really wide. The sight is a real turn on. Please add me, I would love to see you with your legs wide open !!!

...and I would love to have sex with you...friend me? You are a very hot

Keeping your legs open for men, your such a good girl.

Right on!

I Love the way you think Jenny. Just plain, raw, crazy sex or sweet, loving, passionate sex. It is all good.

You are a perfect woman if that is the way you feel My god I love the feel of the soft legs no Les with stocking to put it over the top. and the feeling of the stockings feeling on my cheek when I put my body in position for entry with my **** hard because of the womanly things that you do.

thanks for being so sharing... kiss

Yes I love the way your mind works.........<br />
<br />
From a man.............looking at a woman spreading her legs..........gazing at your sex..........desiring and lusting for feel your heat and wetness around me..........mmmmm..........thanks for the thoughts...........