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I Love To Lay On My Back And Let You Look

Between my legs... I love the look of lust in a mans eyes right before he settles his body between my wide open thighs. I would love to find a man who wants to just open my legs and go at it...filling me with his *** and as he withdraws watching his *** leaking out.
TexasTits TexasTits 36-40, F 55 Responses Jun 19, 2011

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I would love to see my *** seeping out of your hot *****. Then I want to spread your open legs as wide as possible so that I can fully insert my tongue to lick and suck all my *** out again. Would you let me share that sweet cream with you in a hot cummy kiss?

I love to just lie there watching you tease me untill i have to gently strike your **** mmmm

...nothing better: bend over, skirt up, panties down & **** in ... introductions can wait till later !!!

Would love to do this with you

please ...... show more like this ! ! !

I like to look, see what I'm getting

I will do that ! ! !

Wow! That is a dream *** true for a woman to enjoy that! :)

I'd love to have bareback sex with you.

Would love to have a look, a little feel, a little. Taste and then.....

it would be my pleasure

I wish they did for me.

I could enjoy watching your from inches away, or help you with a finger or toy, but would enjoy licking then f*cking you more.....

Lay back and watch me moving up between your legs...licking, kissing, tasting and teasing my way up between them...Look in my eyes as push your thighs wide with my palms--tongue sliding inside you...getting you wet and ready to be filled with **** and ***...

that would be my pleasure

Sounds like a plan... When are you next in Houston?

Not until April I am afraid

FWB? Friends?

Id love to fill you up! Add?

I want to lick it first and see your cummm oozing out before I slide my **** into you.

love your thinking

it will be my honour

Oh god yeah that's such a hot thought. I love to slink down between a womans knees after giving her a good pasting and watch her belly rise and fall with heavy pants as her puffed red lips hang open and let the *** slowly flow to the edge of her sex and then<br />
drip down her centre. mhmmmmmm You make me sooooo hungry for it you *****! *slaps playfully*

Love the look in a womans eyes as she spreads her legs wide, inviting me in to her most intimate desires

Where do live ? I'll come by for u hot stuff ;)

I am the one you need honey ;)

Does anyone want some happiness? I wish I live in VA...

Wow! You are so passionate in describing this... Really nice!

I love holding my partner's ***** lips open and drinking her with my eyes and just occasional teasing while I watch...until she breaks down and start ************ and moaning as I bury my tounge in her and drink her up...your confidence is SO sexy...will dream of watching you...getting wetter and wetter...squirting then lapping it all up before licking and tonguing to another face-drenching ******, eventually pounding and filling you once you've had one more ****** than you can stand...

Damn TT ! You have been watching me in action ! maybe ill head south to Va and we could . . . growl ! xo peter

I am moving to Texas soon.


we could still chat. add me up please !

ahhh yea baby,,,, that's got to be a similar look on a women's face when they pull a **** out for the first time, especially if it's big! Love that look on a women's face!