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I Can't Get My Legs Open Wide Enough!

I absolutely LOVE it when a man goes down on me. -- I spread my legs as wide as I can in anticipation of his tongue sliding over my hard, aching clitoris, & on down into my slit. -- Now he's entering my gaping, wet hole, licking, teasing, tantalising me, before moving further down my slit & probing into my tight little *******.

I spread my legs wider & wider, -- my hands under my thighs, pulling my legs even wider apart for him.

My hole is completely open & exposed to his leering eyes, -- his tongue slipping in & out of me in a ******* motion as my ****** builds.

"Deeper, lick me deeper!" I cry.

He pushes his tongue far inside me, his fingers working hard on my **** as my ****** carries me over the edge.

My "girl juice" flows out of me in copious quantities, flooding his mouth & threatening to drown him as he swallows rapidly, trying to take it all.

I almost swoon as the delicious electrical sparks flow through my every nerve ending as I *** in an earth-shattering crescendo of pure ecstasy.

He moves up on top of me & kisses me, his tongue probing into my mouth, letting me taste my own sweet "honey", as he slides his huge **** into my insatiable ****.  I feel it speading the lips of my ***** as his thick ****-head enters me.  He ***** me long & hard with his magnificent huge **** until he ********** inside me, -- wads & wads of his hot, sticky ***** filling my ***** to overflowing.

When he has finished eating & *******, me my thighs are literally aching from being spread so wide. -- I just wish I could spread them even further for him!
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I love how you express your insatible sex experience. Your telling got me very aroused. Would love such appreciation when eating your big wet manhole. Then, to pump you full of love goo, preferably in your mouth, and have you love it mmm.


wow - what i stunning image i have in my head now - thank you

The only way that licking you could be any better was if your ***** was full of your REAL MEN lover's ***!!

very detailed, that is great. Do you really have that much "girl juice" that it flows out of you? I have never seen that happen

Very arousing description of how you like I'm wishing I was there to let you deal with my rock hard ****.

wow, so wish im the guy you are writting about , this is just the way i lick then **** a beautiful ***** like yours. xxxx