A Man's Perspective On Opening Legs

I’m taking the name of this group literally, referring to the actual act of opening legs and spreading thighs, not just “having sex”. I think that moment when a woman actually spreads her things for me to accept my **** (or my mouth) is one of the most magical and erotic in all of sex. It feels like the ultimate act of acceptance, of trust, and of desire. It’s an invitation to pleasure for both of us.

It’s always special because of its meaning, regardless of the physical specifics, but I must admit that once in a great while an extra special factor is involved. I used to have a wonderful lover who was a BBW with amazing thick but firm thighs and who had the most amazingly flexible hips. She could easily spread her thighs so they were a full 180 degrees apart with the outsides of both knees comfortably and firmly on the floor. Both visually and physically, that was an invitation for the ages.
LuvMBig LuvMBig
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

It feels very vulnerable in that position but also very exciting.