Further Update Regarding My Progression Of Mountain Bike Riding :


** Please note: .. no hard feelings to anyone who fall into the line of this action indicated below regarding obesity or smoking their self to death. **

I can't stress enough on getting further additional exercise to anyone who needs to increase their own heart rate for further life expectancy.

I have seen my own state's issue of obesity and in a high rate like other states as well. To be placed in a power chair or any wheel chair can lead to increased weight gain to the point of further endangering health risk.
Diabetic hazards are in high rate of stage 2 level conditions, where further medical assisting prevails greater attentive action by medical physicians. I feel this has a strong resulting cause coming from over weight issues.

I myself was gaining weight in a power chair and noticed the strain and emotional stress this lead into a slight depressive state. My medical condition is still the same coming from no surgery due to a strong dangerous risk of placing myself back in a wheel chair or possible death if surgery ever happened.
I did find Lazar surgery might be possible for my particular condition status, but this certain location for this type of surgery is found in the State of Florida.
I had personally contacted them in regards to my serious back condition and they felt so badly for my state of being also finding out I'm clear across the country from Oregon to Florida is a long distance.

The need to get out of the power chair was so strongly felt by myself in wanting to try physical exercises at a local gym.
The cost of this personal therapy comes out of my pocket and I also strongly feel some others who are in a wheel chair are scared or not wanting to pay into greater health factors.

Getting in shape is one of the most important things of a full life over all enhancement status.
Question: Why would one want to be obese or depressed all the time. Why would some people want to others to feel sorry for them. Self sympathy isn't't the way to live.

** We have some people who are literally smoking themselves to death. It's a fear of working in the public life or not wanting to work and engaging in further smoking status to the point of lung Cancer. This is a true fact !.

We have people who are hiding in their apartments in a obese status of not getting outside enough to gain further energetic living.

** We are in a fiscal cliff state now. Medicare needs to be revised immediately. People who are excessive smokers should not be spending further tax dollars given to them for further cigarette smoking. This isn't't a way to take ones self out of life by smoking themselves to death.

** We need a law which enforces cigarette smokers who are on medicare insurance to quit immediately. I have seen further signs of draining the states tax dollars going down the drain every time one person gets sick from excessive cigarette smoking.
This is one enormous issue which needs further revising action.

Our medical primary doctor should be engaging in obesity issues in weight loss force of action to anyone who is obese and wanting further sympathy from anyone who feels sorry.
This kind of action is a way for one in getting attention. It's like being noticed and felt sorry for. Something a person who is obese looks for. Sympathy. Laziness is no way for sympathy.

I took myself out of a wheelchair to the point of only needing to get around in a wheelchair if I'm carrying something.

My limitation is not being able to walk on cement and carrying anything. Like my own laundry or taking out the garbage, in which my power chair will assist me in getting some things done without a " Caregiver " .

**I have taken further cost reduction from tax payers ... in quitting my caregiver service. I was also paying into this particular service as well as the state of Oregon. No more.
Hiring a caregiver for me was like:... hiring a stranger and not really knowing if I could place my trust into these people.
I ran into so many times of prior cargiving assistance was leading into theft from my own home, over forcing in feeding ( wanting me to eat before they would leave ) and going through my entire home for no reason except for being nosy and there was consist ant mumbling of not satisfied in attempting to control me and my life.

And then there was my medication. They hated not having control of my meds. Some I found were drinking on the job. No joke this is a fact. They also were driving me around with alcohol on their breath.
I even had ran into some who were involved in meth.

See the state can't always find the right people for caregiving assistance. Some of these people try to make a job out of this type of work. Being it's a hide from the rest of the public and only a one to one or one to 2 people job surrounding is the reason why some of these characters arise. Caregivers who are smokers shouldn't't be around a client who has allergies. Like myself.
I'm allergic to cigarette smoke and yet some caregivers won't necessarily tell you they are until after you hire them.

So... I have had my share of caregivers.

Sometimes the truth of this needs to be let public. This way a better circle of cargiving assistance will arise instead of drug users hiding from the public work life and trying to take this way of work route. People like this can literally put a disabled or a person who has disabilities in the hospital from their own mistakes.
It's a scary fact of the past. Something I had to deal with before. People tend to hide behind the cargiving system. And something like this made a strong impact on my life.
I took the better route... quitting the service entirely. I saved myself.

Some prior caregivers hated me going to the gym and didn't't want to work for me. They couldn't't understand be able to get better is the thing to be and attempting to be fully independent was the goal I needed to be in.

Cargiving assistance should never be a full time job. These are people hiding from the real world work environment aspect and living in the easy money life.
** Note: ... Not all caregivers are this way. **

So for me in deciding to take the better life. My prior caregivers where not happy.
I'm a person of serious spinal damage. 8 spinal disks are gone from my back.
I'm now building all muscle mass to surround the areas of weakness to assist in further support. Wearing better shoes of foot support also helps.
Walking on mats on top of carpet in my own home is another assisting action to all, what ales me.
I wear a back brace which also helps as well for lower back support.
As long as I'm not around head game players who want to control my life. My short term memory loss is less stressful. I think all the better in remembering to turn things off before I leave my home and other small reminders come into automatic fashion.
Having to live in a less stressful life surrounding due to my short term memory loss is important.
Any additional confusion coming from others wanting to control my life is harmful.
Basically stating thinking for myself was the better initiative action for me to remain in independent living instead of having someone making easy money living off my life.

I'm only 50 years old. Maybe later down the road I'll try again. Or by some chance finding a male partner who has a more mature living status about thyself would be the second opportunity.

All My Relations,

Sincerely, Denise

46-50, F
Jan 7, 2013