My Best Friend

My best friend, Whitney, totally uses me for sex. She doesn't want to admit she likes having sex with girls, she always blames it on being drunk or high, but she wants to **** all the time. I can tell she loves me and I want to be with her but she says " She wont let herself have feelings for me because she doesnt want to be with a girl ." She says she is just comfortable with me because she loves me so much.

So the other day we went to her friend , John's house. She was a little drunk and was wanting some pills so I went with her. When we walked in he grabbed her and kissed her long and passionately, making me very jealous, and all the sudden she grabs me and puts her hand down my pants. Well of course, I respond and let her play with my ****. John says in the stupidest way ever "Oh hell yeah, I have been waiting to have a ********* with the two of you for the longest." So I did it... I didnt really want to, It was fun, but I just wanted her not him.

So a few days later, she begs me to go to his house again. Within ten minutes of being there she has my skirt pulled up licking my ***** so good. I couldnt say no and this time it was better because she licked my ***** while he ****** me and I had a ***** in my ***. Anyway we go to her house later and I try to kiss her but she says " Why dont we just start having sex with John and not just us? Im starting to feel like we are a lesbain couple." My heart is just broken now because I want her so bad. I told her I dont want this ********* relationship and she cant have sex with just me anymore... I mean it doesnt even make sense! Does anyone have an idea of what any of it means or what should I do?
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Just enjoy it az it iz uve plenty ov time 4 wot eva developes later x

As it stands, this situation is not a healthy one for either you or Whitney, so my advice is a little different from what most people have written. Giving her time, at this point, will not make her face up to her responsibility in this situation. That responsibility is to be honest and respectful to everyone involved, including herself. She's not being honest with you or with herself, and I doubt she's being 100% honest with John. And lying to you about whether John will be around is as disrespectful to you as she can get.<br />
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I'd say that, if you don't want to be with John, you need to be very clear about this with Whitney and she needs to make a choice as to which of you she wants to be with. She can have you or John, not both. Or, at least, not at the same time, if that's okay with you. If it's not, don't offer it as an option. <br />
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Of course, you'll need to be ready for the possibility that Whitney's hang-ups are strong enough that she will choose John, just because she believes that that's what she should do. If that happens, you will at least know where you stand with her--which is in limbo, at best--and can start trying to move on to find someone who can treat you with the respect you deserve. <br />
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Regardless of what you ultimately decide to do, stop going over to her place or to John's, because you're just asking to get ambushed. If Whitney wants to be with you, she'll need to come over alone.

Thank you... you are very right and I really appreciate the feedback!

FIrst let me say, you are very pretty. Re the girl friend, I think you know the answer, but you just don't want to accept it. She doesn't want to admit being a lesbian, but likes what lesbians do. So thats why she wants a guy involved. That way she doesn't have to admit to herself what she really is. The key is getting her to realize that being a lesbian is not a problem, not a failure, just a normal thing. Then she can accept who she is.

Thats great sdvice thank u!

wow you are really in a tuff position- i recon you should just be a little more patient with her. She will come around soon.

I hope so.

Now I walk in the door and they just take my clothes off... im there sex toy. He watched while he tells me what to do to her and vice versa and they stick things in my *** and *****. lol... Its actually kinda hott but sad ;(!

I agree with you , you're being wronged. Just because you agreed to FFM a few times doesn't mean that you're in it for granted. The developments are unfortunate but I hope she's getting back to you for your sake!

Thanks so much for your comment. I dont know if she is worth it anymore. She came over for like 20 minutes yesterday... let me eat her ***** and then left. Definitely being taken advantage of. That ***** does taste really good though.

Sorry babe, that's definitely the last straw. I hate it when I'm treated like a sex object &amp; I hate to say this but you're being treated the same. She's definitely not worth it!

she wants more and more cause she really needs you but it is hard for her. keep us posted on how you continue

mmmmmmm confusing ,,, sounds she likes 3 ways ,,

Yes but I personally think and hope she is just scared.

that is possable ,,having a 3rd player ,, may be comforting to her ,, safer that way

Never thought about that, very true. Thanks for the insite.

That must be tough for you<br />
Hugs<br />

I guesss I just really want her as mine!

OMG you one hot lady

Awww thanks! U too!