In The Last Few Months.

I have started to wear my nappies openly at home now as i told my family the whole truth about me and nappies. They new that there are times I need them as I do have some control problems with my bowels. What they did not know was that I like them.....a lot! And that I prefer to use a nappy rather than a toilet. I just can't stop myself. And believe me I've tried. So now I can be me and wear them openly and use them. I'm much more discreet when out or with friends as they don't know.......well, not yet.
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46-50, M
1 Response May 22, 2012

hi there i am a dult baby and i wear my nappys 247 i am my wifes baby and she is my mommy so i wet and poopoo my nappys all the time like a real baby for my mommy i have dummys and bottles and every baby things that a baby as so iff you would like to chat get back in tough from baby glencoe2