Overdosing On Hydrocodone

Tonight I lay in bed not able to sleep, because I overdosed on hydrocodone. I got this opiate from my doctor a while back from when I got my tonsils removed, and before I experimented with drugs. I took it 2 times prior at about 1300mg/ 20mg
(APAP/Hydrocodone) and 1950mg/30mg. I for some reason did not think of overdose, and take 4550mg/70mg. I got a very great and intense high, and even nodded out( very euphoric). It was not till a hour later I realized I was ODing. After being scared I look at forums and realize it was the APAP(Tylenol) that caused this. You see I took more than 4 grams of it, which is deadly to a 175 pound male, and I weigh 125. I remember that my parents prevent hangovers with milk thistle, which clears out the liver, and decide to purge first and then take it.

Now I know why I should use the COLD WATER EXTRACTION method.
KKbeezer KKbeezer
Nov 26, 2012