Medical Condition Or Character Flaw?

I can hardly form a sentence on these drugs. I don't know what is and is not me, a symptom of a psych. disorder, or a flaw in my character. Maybe I don't try hard enough. I was hoping a doctor would help me titrate the meds, or at least point me in the right direction, and recognize that this, and not my four-point-too-high cholesterol problem, is the front-burner issue. Does it interfere with my daily life? What Life?

I was sent home with a referral for a shrink who doesn't take my insurance and acted a bit taken back when I asked. And a recommendation to exercise. Although I mentioned I'm practically a recluse, and am self-conscious to the extreme.

How is it that my cholesterol is a more pressing issue than feeling like a zombie, avoiding life, merely existing? The PSAs say this is a medical condition, so why is it treated as a character flaw? Is it because the medical community knows depressives won't rally and are too beaten down to insist?

Maybe it's just Darwin's echo.

Etesian Etesian
31-35, F
3 Responses Jul 29, 2007

oh, et, i can't even begin to express my sorrow for you during this time. i went through precisely the same about a year ago. i struggled with the same questions. unfortunately, i had to get a bit grumpy with the docs in order to get things straightened out. of course this caused my main doc not to wanna deal with me. but what was i sposed to do? who was gonna do it for me, huh? NO ONE! all i have is me - same as you. we have to depend on ourselves to take care of our own needs and that's difficult when the docs aren't cooperating. not to mention it's difficult to begin with when you suffer from depression ... i'm sorry and will keep you in my thoughts. *fingers crossed*

So do I. Thanks, Puck. The VA is a wonderful place-I'm glad you have them, too. Do they treat you well? I hope so. Vets deserve a lot more Kudos.

I hear ya. The serequel renders me useless, so I take it at night., but I'm still groggy for the next half day. I'm grateful to have the VA, I would be in a **** load of trouble without them. I hope you get this stuff worked out soon.