I Can Feel Their Pain

                                                     i cant help it i know alot of people enjoy it! but i oppose dog fighting. i feel their pain and it seems vicious to me.  the animals have no choice and it is cruel. i just cant stomach the thought of this.

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Be kind to all living creatures and to one another<br />
for even the slightest unkindness affects our destiny

I don't understand or condone it either.

I sure as hell oppose to it too,its a disgusting 'activity' or whatever you call it and whoever thinks that's entertainment is f***ing sick.


thanks mike

I do not see how any reasonable person could be in favor of seeing another living being suffer for entertainment. I have a soft spot for dogs and if someone even speaks crossly to one of mine, I get very angry. Flour Lady, it sounds like you are apologetic for opposing something that is cruel. Dog fighting is wrong. --Mike