Unbelievable But True

Everything to fit in, even believe lies and pay your @ss off for salvation...

Their creed must be "if stupid is good, then I are stupid", because they don't care as long as they belong and be accepted by people, even if it means spreading and believing lies.

I find it extremely sad to see so much herd conformity going on in the NAM, it is like no one is thinking for themselves, and the one that thinks is immediately secluded from their little "save the world" movement...

~where everyone thinks the same then no one is thinking~

One of my friends wrote to me just now:

Why are people so quick to follow others, instead of thinking for themselves? It disgusts me...

I replied:

they want to fit in and belong amongst people, instead of being loved by God, they seek the affection of people instead...that is like making man GOD, like idolatry, and that disgusts me, because the moment you make man "god" you are believing a bunch of lies... and you will get hurt and pay big time for your own stupidity and willful ignorance, for CHEAP love's sake... people are desperate for love, they seek it from the world instead of with God, that is their PROBLEM, that is also why they suffer so much from EGO problems, because their leader is doing it, all must jump in and do the same...I agree, completely despicable...


The main problem is that they are not listening with their MINDS, or their heads, they only follow their hearts, they ARE NOT THINKING clearly, they only want to pursue self-proclaimed divinity, even if people tell them they are like "divine aliens" or "angels", they just buy it, because that feeds the EGO, some people's most destructive Heart's Desire, boosting the EGO to absolute divinity.

I have been hurt by too many new agers claiming love and peace for all, while they only pursued their OWN EGOS, hurting everyone in their WAY opposing their claims of "supreme divinity", in fact they claim to be better than NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS, so why would they respect you at all, if you are just a small creature at their "powerful feet"?

Sorry but I think those that claim to have awakened must really WAKE UP, to realize that what they are doing and believing IS NOT GOOD, but destructive, spreading ignorance and leading people on the path of darkness... does that sound like a "light being" to you?
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1 Response Dec 11, 2011

thank you finally someone to speak it out. don't remember how i found your story but i saved it in my bookmarks, cause I had a really bad time on those newagers... magnetic super quantum incense magical 12 dimension portal activation.. ;) it's really annoying with them..they are my friends but how should I have known that they turn into... these things?? For example, I listen alot to death metal, but I am a loving being...I love nature and spirits and mountains and women and friendship and all of the nice things that happen to be in my life, but that's not enough for them.. I walk around with black clothes and they gifted me with a colorful jacket?? c'mon.. does it make me a "better" person, to walk around in colored clothes...? so they say I have something dark inside of me?? hahaha...because i don't use incense and I don't pray to my glass of water before i drink... that's ******* racist yo! they're ******* racists, and they will find a reason to tell you how to behave, and if you are accepted in their code, then the discussions one leads with them are so LAME, so endlessly lame, I prefer to be alone..so I say they somehow lost connection to the freedom that was burning in their eyes when they were children? do children say "I love you" to every glass of water they drink? no they don't, yet they are the holiest... it just simply doesnt matter! if you feel good and your ego is only a truthportal, you dont have to tell everyone that you love em... love happens right.. new agers have to restart from the beginning.