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Far from MILK nourishing the souls of people; what self-centered children like them are really up to:

quick note: I block new ager brats that gossip behind my back *sigh* I wish they would grow the f_c_k up and see they ARE NOT THAT SPECIAL and their light does NOT shine that bright that I am to completely kneel down and bow to their so called self-proclaimed divinity. they talk about Love all and sh/i/t but cannot seem to refrain from talking trash about others behind their backs. HYPOCRITE should be stamped on their foreheads in BOLD letters. I do not mingle with that type. I am not unblocking someone like that; people who claim unconditional LOVE for all yet find fault and harass others?! huh come one WTF?! no way hose!!!

yup them "angels" like to PM each other about people like me who tell them they are far from divine LMAO and sometimes it leaks when they decide to BRAG about it in public "angel" forums *sigh* you can smell it from their conceited attitudes.
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it is one of the most trickiest, yet brilliant facettes of human ego. it is ready now - the new age ultimate light warrior...

he/she is:

Not from planet earth, but from some starsystem and another homeplanet and is here on earth for a ... MISSION...
speaks light language, star language, occasionaly writes them. (of course they never look or sound alike)
they live in 12d, 5d, sometimes even 22d…
they activate portals to heal the earth.
everything that is related to their view of "bad" must be agains them.
they have cepters, key, stones and other "devices" to get the magic flowing.
they channel spirits, mostly high ambassadors from galactic and universal councils that really have the time to get channelled everywhere and all the time on this catastrophee of a planet.
they are full of themselves. human ego at its finest. oh when will ye learn, that only before god's naked eye you can rest in peace...? when you know that, ego dissolves and truth remains.

btw your article here made me laugh and im happy someone actually talks bout this ****.