I mean I will be the first to admit I have only a faint idea as to what a new ager is, but from what I know about it it is basically a form of Christianity with influence in other beliefs?
If so I would like to know why it is so demonized...because the idea seems to be a good thing in theory.
I mean I have heard countless things be lumped in with new agers, and them having nothing to do with new agers in reality...
Such as the "incarnate angels" group, while I disagree with this group myself, I don't feel the need to demonize them or lump them in with beliefs they may or may not follow...considering angels are not only a Christian belief.
The same goes for beliefs that man is equal to God, or God and mankind are one and the same, while they are obviously Christina groups (God being the center of any Christian based religion), and can understandably be disagreed with, I don't see why everyone needs lumped together and hated...especially with hypocritical words like I have read here...
such as a comment on "Oh the reason I don't have it is cause you weren't meant to see it"
To me that is the same as saying
"She died because God wanted her in heaven"
"it happened because God willed it to, and we are not to judge/understand everything he does"
and the likes.
Which are common in any Christian group, new ager or not.

I also admit to having never met a "new ager"
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Wow... huh..thinking, you made me think! damn-it.... never met a new ager, know alot of Christians, Wicca, Buddhism, Jewish, Holy Rollers that speak in ...different words ... I never heard of before..... They all have something in "common" ... The Good and The Wrong...plus lots of love..hugs and kisses...I threw that in...lol... PEACE YA ALL *smile*!

If you have no clue on what new agers are or what new age beliefs entail then it is probably best to NOT write about it sounding like an idiot.
I would suggest go and join online forums with new agers such as Ashtar command and starseeds international, or online communities such as INDIGO society and converse with these people to find out what they are all about.
Since you will never see its demonic nature until you have not seen the true colours of people adhering to these beliefs.
You won't believe me nor understand what I say if you do not KNOW these types of people, and will continue to see me and my views as the enemy in favour of people YOU DO NOT KNOW...
And I think it is very idiotic, to come and JUDGE my experience with people you KNOW nothing about.
Don't speak about things you know nothing about and then seek to use it to make someone with experience in the field LOOK BAD.
I mean WTF it looks like you have no desire to learn from me or them, and that you only have personal issues with me that blocks your vision and education on this subject.
If you know nothing on this subject, please refrain from posting in this group, for this is a group for people to write about what they experienced while being involved in the new age movement, and since you do not want to believe it and don't want to look at the bad side, you are not here to learn, only to JUDGE.
Educaation don't work like that! It is clear you don't want to learn anything, and your questions are only to judge and not to investigate by reading further stories in this group to "enlighten" yourself on this subject you could have answered them (your questions on why it is demonized) a long time ago, without coming in here only to JUDGE as a LAZY READER, someone that would rather judge someone and their beliefs without getting to know what they are all about. READ the topics and stop sounding like a total douchebag spamming my group, thank you very much!

Good thing I didn't write about it sounding like an idiot then...not sure what your comment there applied to since it had nothing to do with me...
I don't see you as an enemy, just another angry person.
I'll judge you all I want, since I have yet to make any inaccurate judgements about you...just as you will judge me, no matter how inaccurate you are.
I can post here if I so choose, especially if it means people here telling me WHY...
I am here to learn, not judge, get it strait.
Your a fool if you think otherwise, or think I am not willing to believe what you say, and reading some of these stories only reduces my IQ, not enlighten me.
Have you read them? they go something like this:
I fhate bewagersbecayse they are stoopuid!
I hate new agers too!
so dont tell me I will learn from reading these stories..

So why is id demonized? you gonna answer or are you the one being lazy?
You call me lazy, but don't seem to know I have checked around on here, and while I wait for your answers to my question I checked around some more.
I have not spammed anything, and unlike you am not being a douchebag.

Get some anger management friend, and maybe go back to school.
Between those two, it may do you a world of good.

.... You sound like the angry and illiterate one, not all my posts say new agers should die, but it gives reasons why their beliefs are faulty, just another crumb of proof that you have not read anything I wrote and only seek to judge me on a personal basis. If you cannot read nor do research, I won't reason with an idiot like you!

There is no alliance between Christianity and New Age beliefs. Anyone who says they are Christian and also a New Ager are mixing the beliefs of two opposed systems of belief.

New Age beliefs is far closer to pagan worship of nature and the universe.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

"alliance" I never said...
alliance is not a word for religious beliefs...
because technically there are no alliances, example, All Christians would simply call themselves Christian and not break it down into various beliefs if they felt the other could be or was correct...

Pagan religions spawned Godmen which spawned Judaism, which in turn spawned Christianity.

What I am getting at is that anything that isn't Christian is considered new age, only with a Christian flair: IE. It's all satanic, or it is a false belief in God.

This is an illogical view of anything and lacks open mindedness.
While I understand Christianity is not he only religion that views others as evil, its one of the only major religions to do so.
Considering Hindus do not view Christians as evil or vile because of their belief, yet if you deny God or Christianity, and instead believe something else, including in Brahma and the deva's, you are instantly branded as evil and worshiping satan, even though satan may not be part of said religion.

I find it rediculous that new age is such a broad concept, and lacks finesse or study.

You don't know much about the world’s major religions. I can show you videos of devout hindu nationalists beating Christians in the streets of India. They consider Christians to be a threat just a few years ago an Australian Christian was burnt to death in His car with His two boys by devout hindus because he was sharing Christianity in their area. Also Torah Judaism and Islam also have strict laws against other religious beliefs being shared with them. Yes Christians do say that all other ways lead nowhere because it is part of our faith that the only way to eternity with God is through Jesus. This is not a claim it is a scriptural belief integral to the Christian faith.

You dont know much about people...
For starters there always will be extremist for any group/orginization/cult/religion.
And they will be by the bulk, just like the sane people are.
There will always be the insane in these groups.
It's not logical to judge an entire group by what certain people do.

Also like I said, no alliances....All religions percieve themselves as right, extremist will go beyond sanity to make a point.
Of course they have strict laws like that...you miss my point.
Thats still a claim, all religions believe something along those lines, Christians (the people not the religion) tend to take it a step further in hateful prejudice, the same form Atheists tend to sho (more specifically to Christians since so many of my fellow Atheists have little knowledge of anything else.)

......Haha your are so limp brained mindwarper, after adstars give you the FACTS about the ruthless laws of other religions, you tell him he does not know much about other people as if to boost your already lacking self-esteem to feel good about yourself using fraudulent claims and reasoning stances, you are a weak coward, I feel pity for you. FYI before saying all religions are peaceful except christianity please go and do your research before sounding like an idiot, especially on Islam and Muslim beliefs who are even worse than Christianity!

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