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I don't need to go into great detail.  I'm opposed to censorship, but I don't like seeing other peoples privates on ep. There are plenty of sites that are made for just that kind of thing.  I think that the adult filtering works just fine.  I have no problem with mature content, or even erotica. It's the pictures that bother me.  It seems like practically every time I check out new groups in the morning, there are one or more pictures of penises, or vaginas, or someone defecating in their underwear.  The fact is, anyone can say they're 18, so I don't see any point in making a major issue of it.  I realize there is not much I can do, but flag and report.  So I guess I'm just writing a paragraph about where I stand on the subject.

Like I said , I know my options, and I use them, but I remember a time when hardcore **** was very rare here.

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Always read the date,always read the date! I was just about to say I haven't seen a group avatar,never mind a pornographic one....and my adult filters are off...i just got tired of counting the *********s to see what expletive was used{don't worry I didn't use one} Carry on,my bad...


Telling someone is one thing; Showing is another.

I should definitely say that this situation has all but disappeared since this post was written.

i agree. hardcore **** shouldn't be allowed here where there are far more appropriate sites to take it to. it's too bad that ep has let this get so far out of hand.

Thank You very much for putting everything I think...written....I am totally with you....there are so many sites out there, that it wil be so nice so nice, for them to go where they will be very welcome and loved for their experiences. <br />
<br />
In my personal opinion is grrrrrrr awfulm discusting, only seeing the picture, I can image the story could me make thow up!

I hate ****. Its so juvenile

Yeah, Im always suprised by the new oddities."I want to put diapers on bisexual urinating farm animals while having sex with furniture, and pooping myself."

I have no problem with private stuff at all. I hope this doesn't make any difference.

please.. never ever apologize for who you are. you are a wonderful woman. honest and true

I guess we can flag & report the logo or avatar that's pure ****. Ep allows the stories It's getting bad and Yeah, I remember when there wasn't much of it. Now there's thousands of groups & as many members. The logos get put back up as fast as EP removes them. Rules is rules but nudity is not going away .Bummer

Excellent post, Puck. Very well said. Needless to say, I totally agree with you.

LOL I'm so glad you can see the up side to it!