Smells Funny To Me

Besides being a complete oxymoron, it just smells fishy.

I don't want any bill saying I have to volunteer for government service. I know under this bill people aren't forced to volunteer, per se, but it's the fine print we must pay attention to here. What is in the fine print that is chaining us to working for the governement if we don't really want to?

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"Mandatory Volunteers". Well if that isn't the lowest form of - well I don't even know what words to use. First of all, if someone is forced to do something like this, they will, as mentioned above, cause more trouble than their worth. I do believe, however, that people need to be made aware of the difference their assistance makes. Give the people the information on areas that need help and let the people decided what they want to lend their assistance to. I think if people are given knowledge, and the freedom to make their choices in life, the majority of people will do the correct thing. This is exactly how people used to be treated. Now, decisions are made for everyone and no one has to think for themselves. Pretty soon we will not be allowed to decide anything for ourselves and thus the complete control of mankind has come to pass.

guess i have mixed feeling on that we need more people willing to help butif they are being funneled in instead of goinh to jail or something i thimk it is worng peace corp worked good for a long time<br />
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my grand dauther has over 1000 hours right now at 16 of helping other thoght the libary tolearn to ready better and she has leanred from any of them so in that case i see it as good

^ Agree 100%.

You have to volunteer to graduate from some schools. Silly, indeed. As someone who enjoys volunteering and has volunteered for over 500 hours, currently, I oppose it. It does NOT teach the majority of those who do not want to be there anything. I have seen it time and time again, people who don't want to be there, end up creating more work for the employees and true volunteers. <br />
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It takes a certain personality to volunteer. Sure, I wish more people would volunteer, but who is to force someone to volunteer? ... especially for the government. I'm not going to, that's for sure. Besides, the only thing that's mandatory in life, is breathing, water ... and well... dying. <br />
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"Mandatory Volunteerism" sounds hilarious, in a very sad, sad way.