Mistake Or Control Op ?

I just found this story through Mind freedom International.

The key paragraph is

"The initial reason David sought help by doctors in each of the 5 reported episodes was for anxiety for work related stress caused by corporate corruption unveiled during his work as an internal auditor. His symptoms each time were an inability to sleep well and experiencing general anxiety. The general practitioners each time began the regiment of drug treatment all too common of an anti anxiety pill, a sleep aid and then when you spiral each time into depression (a side effect of the sleep aid) …an anti depressant.David's treatment plan plays out for many others in our society daily.The drug company propaganda continues and corporate greed over whelms the truth."

I am betting mind control tech was also used to initiate the killing. They needed this guy out of the picture fast.


The family of this guy is probably completely unaware of the mind control game as most are.

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Wow, that's crazy.

Oh it's been considered a mental disease for a very long time. My grandmother...who was born in 189...2 or 6 I can't remember. The point is, she was VERY old when she died. 97 I think. Anyway, she tried to tell people what was going on, very discreetly. Our family on my dad's side were elite that had broken away...hence our systematic demise. My uncle carried on trying to inform the public about what was going on, he was less discreet. Very vocal. Both were viewed by anyone they told as nut jobs. My grandmother even had some documentation...but it's gone now. My father destroyed most of it, uncle john had some of it, but it's all gone now. To protect me.<br />
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People are so brainwashed with patriotism from birth, they will not see the truth even if they see the same patterns in the system for decades. Most won't even look at it if you present it to them bald faced. Patriotism was waning so...take out the trade towers. Simple. bring religion into it and the divide and conquer principle wins at even greater heights.<br />
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They chose me for the program for 3 reasons. My family lineage, both parents had high IQs, and the family was notorious for "psychic" abilities. They fed my mother expeimental drugs and gave her ECT during her pregnancy. They were trying to create a child who was dissociative at birth. Easier to program and compartmentalize the programs. There were a few things about me though that they could not control.<br />
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I tried to warn people all my life but it turned out to be good for THEM because it just made me look crazy. They did'nt really care what I did until I took it off the net and started producing a real world newletter that i could leave in various places and people could subscribe to. They warned me not to speak of a certain issue. like a moron, I spoke of it in the newsletter. They sicked the goon squad on me ( MIB)...I continued for a short time and then...they ****** up my world. My brain. Everything. ( yah sounds like the movie I know lol ) it happened. My youngest daughter got the worst of it...just from the chain of events. She was delicately balanced before it all went down. before the brain damage though, I could'nt have lived with myself if I did'nt try to tell people. Now I'm broken. <br />
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They don't care if I post here. the only people who look are the already conspiracy bent. Besides, a lot of what mainstream theorists say is wrong..but when i counter then they all think I'm crazy too.

You are not the first person I've known who was in MK Ultra. What the idiot herd doesn't realize is, if there's so damned many movies with it, then it's scope must have been fairly wide (which it was). I would not be surprised if all the new SSRI's and the even newer "antidepressant boosters" that have been over advertised in all forms of media lately are just a continuation of MK Ultra. Nothing like a willing public to test on, no one will protest, and the few who call it into question are just conspiracy theory nut-jobs. BTW - When did being a conspiracy theorist become a mental disease? It used to be the sign of a well informed skeptic.

yah... I know. Hence my dissociative and other problems. My mother and I were in the MK Ultra program. Nobody believes me. A few..like Undertone do. they've made so many movies about the programs, people just say ' you've seen too many movies". LOL Of course, nobody is here in person or can talk to what's left of my family...so i can't really expect anyone to believe it I guess.

Did you know that methamphetamine was invented by Nazi scientists trying to create super-soldiers? It's how the blitzkrieg was able to run 24/7. The Nazis were also our main source postwar for doctors for MK Ultra, and much of the psychoactive prescription anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs came from their research?