Paranoia? Or Does This Make Perfect Sense to You Too?

I think that this election was engineered to ALLOW Obama to win.  They have conditioned us into voting for "the lesser of two evils" for a long time.  Provide the people with a bloodthirsty war criminal for 8 years, just 8 years after his Daddy got voted out of the White House after only 1 term.  Then give us the choice between an idiot candidate with a grossly underqualified running mate or an underqualified messiah with an underqualified idiot for a running mate.  Imagine what will happen if something happens to Obama, and Biden takes over the White House!

So why would a NWO proponent want Obama to win?  I think it has to do with weapons.  Call me paranoid if you want, but I suspect a racially motivated assassination would give the government the power to come and take our weapons.  I think when that happens we are going to make a choice:  disarm or die.  I really think the Govt would prefer that we fight because there will be less of us to govern after they slaughter us.

Aside from the obvious reason of  preventing future assassinations from occurring, what other reasons would they want our guns?  Surely you don't think that lowering the crime rate has a thing to do with it-  they have been trying to get the guns for years on that argument and the people didn't bite.  The answer I believe, is economics. 

When the bailout was given, a lot of people were, (and still are) at risk of losing their jobs, and their homes, and their retirement.  The common denominator is money.  This government was not designed to control the people, but the other way around.  What would compell all of us, more than anything else to take the power back?  You and me and millions of people losing their homes and jobs?  How would you be listening to your children cry themselves to sleep because of hunger?  How would you feel if the only food you could get had to be begged in the soup lines, or accepting handouts from the wealthy while they sit in their mansions?  They want our guns so we cannot feed ourselves.  Even if we didn't want to do harm to the rich, we might be able to hunt up a quail or something.  Why would they want us to not be able to feed ourselves?  The answer I believe is control.

In the book of revelations, it was written of the end times that everyone would be given a number.  Does not my social security card have a number on it?  Without that number I cannot pay taxes, therefore I cannot work, cannot pay for goods.  Do I have a pocket full of cash? Nope.  I have a credit card, though.  I have a debit card too.  Both of them have numbers on them that are uniquely mine.  Without them I cannot buy goods.  There is a pattern here.  My purchasing power can be taken away with the push of a button.  Without a weapon, I cannot obtain food or prevent my balls from being put in a vice.  I will jump through hoops just so I do not have to hear my children cry themselves to sleep over their hungry bellies.

I have been noticing a lot of buzz going on about the legalization of marijuana.  75th anniversary of the end of prohibition.  House Rule 5843.  Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.  What single NWO benefit would this have?  Have we not been building prisons faster than we can fill them since the war on drugs started 40 years ago?  What economic benefit is to be had from emptying those prisons? Which is effectively what would happen if you released all of the marijuana offenders.  Well, you certainly would have the controlled environment to house millions of people.  Forget that they aren't criminals-  our prisons are filled with people who aren't criminals now!

So now we have a dead president whose death triggers a confiscation of all of our weapons.  In his place we have a man who is a perfect puppet.  Totally powerless in every way.  And a lot of us are left dead anyway, (those of us who didn't want to take our number).  Nobody has a home, nobody has any money, and the only food we have is rationed out to us.  The people that want to fight, or do not want to work in the system become slaves and are imprisoned.  Or their families are imprisoned and they are blackmailed. 

I have no doubt that I'm paranoid. But is that all it is?


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And just so you know...... I agree with a lot of what you say because I have been Bible trained ever since I gave up the bottle as a kid.<br />
But I know that unless people quit looking outside of themselves for the answers they will find inside their souls, this situation you describe will become a fact or at least a good part of it will. Have a great rest of your week!<br />
Hugs, LW

There is a new world order alright....but not what you think. The rich always want you to think they are giving you something new.... Well they are not.<br />
They us enough junk (war,race, fear, no money,religion & 22 other things) to keep us non-rich all apart. Most of the rich that are doing this,You & I will never see in this lifetime. These are people who have familes that have been rich for centuries...since before Jesus came into the world. And they intend to sray n power, kids....<br />
The late pop singer M. Jackson wrote a song about the rich called " They Don't Care About Us." He said what he saw as he grew up around the filthy rich. He knew first hand what we only guess about. <br />
The rich right went around the world (mostly people of color countries)setting up a miltary complex to take over bigtime... But when they saw it would not work & they were actually getting rough flack from the countries they wanted on their side like England, France, Greece and many others.... They tried to say they were not doing what the world knew they were doing by putting a black face(Obama) in the mix to tell those countries of color ....Look we don't dislike you...See here is a Black head of the U.S. SEE.*** Yeah, right!<br />
Because what most Americans do not know is that even our friends were starting to look at us as bullies. Any country of color that does not have arms we walk into those countries & take what we want. American rich thought they better put him in & leave him in. They know Romney would be another Rich president like Ronald R. & Ronald R is they real reason behind the crash in 2008. he threw out all the rules for banks, keeping American jobs in America, homes & mortgages, and interest rates. Can You tell me why we no longer have SavingS & L's in America? Check the Congressional Record for the Laws & deregulated laws he killed or put in place to kill the American way of life as we knew it. The New World Order began with him. Anyone looking for the political Anti-Christ??? He has been here & gone...and we were here looking right at him all the time!**<br />
Hugs & Peace, LW

In itself it's a nice story, near to the truth too. Your last question is the right one, and the answer is: NO. <br />
Problem with a lot of American (I like you guys, no offense), is that many of you tend to look cross country, up north to Canada, in the south to Mexico en the two oceans being the other natural borders. I'm afraid there's more though. More Land (Europe is bigger and has more inhabitants), certainly more water, more people. Damn sure more people all around the globe, about 20 times as many as there are American's to be approximately exact ;). They all economically coming up, some with comet-speeds, with of course the ability to hit the earth in a way you won't remember afterwards. Others real slow, but taken the average, really rather quick. Like those nice little black haired men coming from the east (1,300,000,000 of them). They fight World War three since Mao is gone, mind you: Mao even initiated it. The same dangers lure for the EU by the way. But not that quick yet. Because of several reasons. One of them is that we don't owe them that much many (yet).<br />
And about the weapons,they can't close that down, do you know how much money is made in the USA in the militarily and semi military? And when they want yoru riffle, you give the old one and keep hold of the new. Or isn't that he American way?? :) Or buy a chinese one, there quite good.<br />
<br />
I wouldn't be afraid of Obama, indeed he is just a puppet, but luckiiy a bit more intelligent compared to his predecessor. Over here we say, "it doesn't matter by whom you're bitten, the cat or the dog. <br />
Problem here is that there is no cat, or dog, there's a bunch "Phyllobates Terribilis" around him, and therefore around us. They don't bite, but kill you anyway. Their advantage is that they just look like any other frog. And when you hungry, they don't taste that bad ;) Except for this one that is.<br />
<br />
On this moment we see your freedom of speech is going down the tube, why don't you see that? As you said: innocent people are imprisoned in between murderers and even worse, such a person comes out with a grudge to society you won't believe, he's lost for normal society. I've seen that with my brother, he wasn't even charged, spent 7 month's "in" and is lost for the world, his mother is broken, he is as if he is dead. And again: he did not pay for some fines!!!! SEVEN MONTHS. The criminals are behind the desks.<br />
<br />
It's a long time a proven fact already, When somebody is a danger to society, lock him up, otherwise, give him education, help him, teach him the do's and dont's, help him afterwards during a year and he'll never return to the wrong side of the line. <br />
For another reason too: jail-time costs the society during his stay, but even more when he's outside again and just keeps up the "good work". Your purchasing power don't have to be taken away, it's all about precautions. Don't keep to your dollar, buy from that what you can miss, silver or gold. There are a lot of golden or silver coins around with which you can pay already!! Start a complementary, or alternative currency in your neighborhood, it's not against the law. Money is nothing else than "something", most paper (with an added value), from which people in a community except amongst each other that is is YOUR money. You have to add a value to it, if you want to know more, you now know how to find me. In Switzerland there is such a currency, the "WIR", since 1930!!! You have the Toronto Dollar, a lot of English currencies and from what I heard, in the US of A there are already about 1900, mind you!!, 1900 of those currencies around. They are local, but you can buy all your daily needs and there's even a market coming up on which you can exchange them, when you would like to buy something a few miles down the road where they do not have your currency.<br />
<br />
I already said, it's not just your president, itś not just America, itś global, itś the new world order in which they want one government, one currency. The name is already there: "The Bancor". <br />
Even when that wouldn't come, forget the Euro, the Yen, the Dollar. Maybe the Renminbi (Chinese Yuan) will keep it's value maybe for a while, because in itself really it's a huge local "alternative" currency, you only can pay with it in China and some small countries around. Still the Chinese would very much like to see The Renminbi to become the world's reserve currency as the dollar is now. That though is dangerous for several reasons again. The first and far most danger is in that what happens with the US dollar now. When there is a shortage, they just hit the presses (or better they push a button on a computer) and there you are; another trillion dollars. Who would like to buy them. That's a way I'd like to earn my money too. But what when the Chinese dump the trillions of dollars they have ( they are slowly doing that already), what will happen with the value of the dollar then? <br />
<br />
I think it's a frightening situation. A number on your arm, as you said. I even don't want to think about is. I think I'll buy a Samozariadnyia Karabina Simonova ;) (just fun). Isn't even allowed here.<br />
<br />
What I want to point out is that a lot is going on, it all is linked, what the outcome will be, I don't know, but it's good to be prepared.<br />
<br />

Very paranoid, but I don't not believe that this could, or inevitably, will happen. In that case, there are plenty of the living dead out there, me and you included.

totally agree with you, the same thing happened here in the UK in 1997, where a crazed man went into a shool and shot and killed 12 kids and a teacher and they disarmed the law abiding citizens by banning firearms, they took away our right to defend ourselves and rely on them more, its the same situation with now, apart from kitchen knives everythings pretty much illegal here in the prison state that is the "not so" United Kingdom.

Clap...Clap....Clap.....Clap.....<br />
<br />
When the sh!t hits the fan.....Come and camp with me....I have the spare tents....In fact I have five....We can staart our own tent city....And protect each other....Instead of fire watch....It will be Rat patrol.......Both the two legged...and the four legged......I hear the four legged ones are great....Fried up....eats just like a corn dog.....And it has it's own built in stick....hehehehehe

Opinionated works too. Substitute as you will.

The last paragraph. What about: "I have no doubt that I'm opinionated. But is that all it is?" <br />
<br />
Anyway, I totally agree. It's all about control.