1984 Is Here- Just 25 Years Late.

"The New World Order". Sounds like a wrestling tag team doesn't it? Well in a way it is. This N.W.O. tag team is trying to wrestle away our constitutional rights,  pin us into submission , and they are moving at breakneck speed to accomplish their goals. MadRavrrrr is no more a "paranoid" then the man on the moon (we never went there in the first place). Paranoia is a fictitious,imagined reality. Truth and concern are based on facts and evidence,and in regard to the NWO there is ample supply of both.

I ,like  MadR, have felt fm the onset that the Obama Whitehouse was planned long before last November. The Bergerbuilders ( type that on a Google search and see what pops up) and other powers that be had this mapped out long ago. The only useful purpose Obama serves for these people is his stance on gun control. When he accomplishes his objective they will no longer have a need for him and and he will go down in history as martyr.

Having been in Manufacturoring for 15 + years, I find it amazing that the current economic state of events seemed to happen "overnight" so to speak. You mean to tell me the big three auto makers didn't have the ability to see this coming at them 4 years ago? The best "Corporate minds in America" running Billion dollar companies didn't have the ABILITY or PEOPLE in place to know what was happening to their machine? Rubbish! I believe it to be a well designed scheme to break the economic back of America, and give the Govt. a chance to step in and "take care of our needs "(food ,heat, shelter, and jobs of their choosing) when **** goes south. It's part of the economic control referred to in MadR's letter.

To take it a step further, let's go back to last year's Christmas shopping season. Remember those Visa/Mastercard commercials where every one is happy untill Joe average attempts to pay with cash? The music stops and "Joe" is portrayed as some kind of square,backward cretin. What the commercials really  show us is that WE are JOE, and the merry card owners are NWO types pushing a "Cashless Society" agenda. No cash, they monitor every transaction you make day or night on a card or chip system. They want to shut you down and punish you? Well we all know how fickle computers can be don't we ? "Sorry Joe your food credits got lost in the system.Until we find them go to the Govt. soup kitchen. Economic and Fiscal control are once again behind this. I believe one of the NWO's reason's for presenting the cashless society will be under the guise of stopping the war on drugs. How can you buy a key of smoke from the man on electronic credits? Yes ,someone will figure it out sooner or later; drugs are still a rallying cry for a majority of conservative Americans to get sucked in by. "Just think fellow Americans how much money we can use for more ,ah, useful things like,ah  internment camps and Govt. sponsered housing for you to live in if we eliminate the money needed to fight the war on drugs"! There are other excuses obviously and I will touch further on them in another rant.

As to recurringdreamer's thoughts (rd from here on) what we are seeing now,and will see shortly is BIBLICAL FACT. The NWO cannot run from the Bible  foretelling  their plan for the World,and they aren't trying to. They have their agenda and they are making no effort to keep it a secret for the most part. I suggest to people that they visit Alex Jones "Prison Planet" . The info presented there shows the NWO does not give a damn whether you see what they are up to,let alone try to do something about it. As rd states we can only spread the word and hope people return to TRUELY trusting their lives and faith to God.

RD brought up an interesting comment to his own letter I felt obliged to address. He asks why his letter and the comments in it are considered R18 "objectional Content"? Some months back I was looking through the above mentioned "Prison Planet" website. It contained several videos of suspicious Govt. behavior and most of them had been found on "You Tube" and were made accessable from the website. All of this material was some pretty sound ,scary stuff in black and white. Returning 3 weeks later you could still access You Tube by clicking on the icon but when you got there the video and content had been removed for the same offensive or  objectionable content reason. Upon further investigation I was pleased that while our fate and future were objectionable to the powers that be, we can all still access **** on you tube since it is obviously less offensive (in someone's mind) than our concerns regarding our future. Thank's for allowing me the rant! Nice to see others with similar agendas! Oh, for those older folks out there,I suggest that you You Tube "Randy California and Spirit" and look for their song 1984. He does a live version where he prefaces the audience with "When we first came out with this,the AM and some FM stations refused to play it due to it's anti-government sentiment". Then listen carefully to his lyrics,as they represent what many are blindly entering into! Younger folks should not feel excluded as we are all going down the same trail together.






ru4real14 ru4real14
Mar 27, 2009