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The basic component of the Monarch program is the sophisticated manipulation of the child's mind to protect itself from extreme trauma by creating Multiple Personality Disorder. The most inhumane severe torture is used on children to create extensive MPD. Then the various alters [personalities) are found and programmed using state of the art mind-control.

Harmonics and sound waves are used to manipulate the RNA covering of neuron pathways to the subconscious. Harmonic generators code named 'ether-wave' are able to imbed detailed commands which are linked to audible triggers. This is one of the standard features of the Monarch program. It allows the slaves to be controlled by trigger words which make no sense or seem to carry no negative connotation to outside listeners.

For instance the words, "Mr. Postman wait and see' might set off an access sequence so that a slave living away from its master goes to its master (also called a handler).

Some slaves are turned into sleepers. They live normal lives but perhaps carry out an assignment 40 years down the road at a prearranged date or a prearranged trigger. Some of the Illuminati hierarchy have been turned into sleepers so that they can be available when the AntiChrist begins ruling, to train the large influx of new people into the Illuminati and Satanism.


    • Monarch victims have structured MPD. Their MPD may be detected through a whole range of clues. It is not within the scope of this paper to give all the many clues and indications of MPD, but the following might be tip-offs:
      • the person changes tastes and behavior and is self-contradictory in what they say they like.
      • the person believes that aliens are talking inside their heads.
      • the person is not able to comfortably watch certain films such as the Wizard of Oz, or Alice in Wonderland or some other particular non-horror movie.
        The list of clues could go on for a long ways on how to detect structured MPD.
    • Older ones may have tattoos with a Monarch butterfly. (This applies to CIA and Government Models especially.) Since the 1970s most Monarch victims have no longer been tattooed but wear butterfly barrettes, large butterfly ear rings, pins, necklaces, bracelets, or embroidered insignias. Illuminati Monarch slaves often do not have any tattoos because their bodies have to be blemish free to be qualified for the higher ranks within the Illuminati.
    • Victims will have scars of various kinds on their bodies, including multiple electric prod scars or the resultant moles on their bodies. The type of scarring that these victims have is a long subject just in itself.
    • When the victims get memory most if not all victims have participated in weird sex and ***********.
    • Monarch victims suffer all types of problems, including confusion, fears, headaches, program-induced medical problems, hurting feet, dizziness, seeing black and white spots, etc., etc.
      Men who are active in the programming will often have multiple marriages and will most often then marry a woman of striking appearance and who is much younger - but with little show of emotional attachment.
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Dear R** ****,<br />
<br />
I have not heard back from you so I am re-sending this.<br />
<br />
On the experience project, you made a post, presented it as if I wrote it, and signed it "monarch programming consultant": <br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<br />
Please correct that error as soon as possible.<br />
<br />
You are free to refer people to my website ( but not to represent yourself as me.<br />
<br />
Thank you, Ellen Lacter, Ph.D.

rlforty1 ..... You are NOT ellen lacter. She does not want to register here. She does not mind you giving out her information to help people but she does mind that you are pretending to be her. She also does not consider herself a Monarch programming consultant although she is familiar with the mind control programs and ritual abuse. Please correct your post accordingly. I do thank you for posting her email address though. She has been of help to me.

Ugh, I do not say, even think you're nuts. But.... I hope you understand it's a bit hard to grasp. OK? Whilst i certainly do believe a huge part of it. Simple to explain really. Read a lot of so called Science Fiction Books. <br />
OK sometimes they are a bit out of their time fr<x>ame, like 1984 is starting to show the predictions now, maybe 2014? we'll be there? ;) .<br />
Anyway, all that has been written being "fun" and exiting; for the purpose of readability to begin with Jules Verne, easy to understand for everybody. The Beatles weren't born yet, then, so he could not have know about submarines, still he used them, shame it wasn't a yellow one..... Of course he heard of rockets, but not those going to he moon, traveling the earth in 80 days, stories about balloons, you mention it. 1984, it's happening! New World Order, Star Trek, not yet in action, but a little push on an invisible button and you talk to someone nobody sees, handsfree drinking coffee and eating a donut while having a conversation in thin air (for people who see you running by. Electric cars, coming up, flying cars, invisible planes etc. etc., you probably can mention hundreds of other examples. Another one: floating cities on the oceans. Read the books, it's already here or it will come. Not always exactly the same but you know what I mean.<br />
Still though I think we have a will of our own. When we see something is very wrong we could decide not to use it. <br />
I ones read a book about the stories I read here. I didn't finish it, for me it was to repugnant, horrible, sickening. But I caught the drift.<br />
Why isn't something done about it? Why is so little known???<br />

There are many professionals out there that are coming to realize its real..<br />
Many will help.. they are not doctors per say, but specialists, many are nurses, or have degree or knowledge of social sciences.<br />
<br />
Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control <br />
<br /><br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
1982 - the Cremation of Care - directed by Rod McManigal<br />
- child sacrifice ritual @ Bohemian Grove<br />
- snuff film made of it.<br />
<br />
Parents in Eastern U.S. taken to Harvard University for trauma-ba<x>sed mind-control training to learn how much trauma their children could endure @ home without dying. Daily trauma @ home leaves children dissociative.<br />
<br />
Primary/initial child torture for many Western U.S. children done at China Lake (AKA - Naval Ordiance Test Station [NOTS], Naval Weapons Centre [NWC], Ridgecrest [nearby town], Inyo-kern [the area], the address of Nimitz Hospital is coded "232 Naval Air Weapons Station".<br />
<br />
Monarch mind-control carried out in the ba<x>ses large military hangers housing 2,000 - 3,000 cages just large enough for babies; ceiling to floor. Cages wired for electric shocking; cages called Woodpecker Grids. After days of shocking, brutally raped.<br />
<br />
California Intstitute of Technology @ Pasadena linked to China Lake facility near Death Valley.<br />
Jesuits active in child procurement; Catholic adoption agencies; Illuminati Intel. agencies (CIA, NIS, DIA, FBI, and FEMA); pregnant 'nuns' (satanic breeders); 3rd world parents (illegal aliens); people wanting money not parenthood.<br />
<br />
Monarch slaves including teenagers and children help entice, kidnap, and escort innocent civilian children.<br />
<br />
FAA says Santa Rosa Air Center doesn't exist, yet fully operates.<br />
<br />
Bohemian Grove is near Santa Rosa; BG is in the Monte Rio area.<br />
<br />
BG hosts theme rooms such as the dark room and necrophelia room. Bush ????<br />
Slaves hunted in woods for sport, and occult rituals including infant sacrifice are held outdoors.<br />
<br />
Charles Manson, programmed intitially @ China Lake, lived with his cult 45 miles Northwest of C.L. @ the remote Myers and Barker ranches.<br />
<br />
Scotty's castle in Death Valley, Bakersfield, Edwards AFB, and Papa Ludo's Store and Tavern are all in vacinity of C.L. and have been programming sites.<br />
Co-ordiantes 39-64 & 4-33 E government has built a Seal of Solomon (hexagram).<br />
<br />
Joseph Mengele (Dr. Green or Greenbaum) came to NOTS after WWII with other British/German 'scientists'/mind-control researchers; the Illuminati's Dr. Black and Dr. Blue. Dr. White (Dr. Ewin Cameron) worked on lEast coast but flew in for meetings.<br />
<br />
Satan's 'realm' serves as the model for military and political structures.<br />
<br />
<br />
Traumas often ba<x>sed on naturally inherited phobias passed genetically: locked in confined spot, pit, or cage with spiders or snakes; forced to kill, cut up, and cannibalise; submerged into feces, urine and blood, then forced to ingest that which placed in. All and more tortures are often experienced before 4 - 5 years old. Child tied to another that is brutally killed then blamed. Near death drownings and trained animals like dogs/monkeys used as trauma<br />
<br />
This is just a very small degree of what is still going on, but the torture trauma has been advanced sine 47-70's.

I have worked extensively with an expert in program removal for the past eight years. I welcome people to contact me for more information about my consultant and the program removal process. My e-mail is: monarch programing consultant

Chairo...I hate to tell you this but a strong belief in God is often programmed into the individual for the sake of greater control. That's what they did to me. I am a project Monarch MK Ultra brat. I have broken the religious programming. They often use the Mormon church to do it but they have their people in every religion and offshoots of religion. No offense, but you sound CLASSIC. That is EXACTLY what they would have programmed you to think and say. I bet it pains you to even think about not believing in God if you can do it at all. You'd be too afraid of offending God by doing it. you'd be afraid of being alone. you've probably had some type of religious/spiritual personal experience that made you believe in God even more. A "miracle" or two. Those can be programmed and orchestrated as well. you have no idea the scope of their technology. I know this post will probably tick you off...that's why they don't care about what I say publicly. I either tick people off or they think I'm insane.<br />
<br />
As for where to go to get help, help is in realization and yourself. There is nowhere you can go, particularly if you can't prove it. If you can prove it, some shrinks will help...but if they put anything about your ordeal into the system it sends up a"flag" and that shrink will be removed from their position. You CAN sue the government if you can prove it. people have already sued and won.<br />
<br />
The things I am saying are either from experience and/or documentation. Nobody believes though. I'm just another nut job.

I have the same question. My first answer is God. Bigtime. I pray over my mind, that the Lord would not allow it to be used for anything wrong, that He would deconstruct and re-integrate everything to the core, taking out the evil structuring and additions. He can give us brand new minds. He can also use this against the anti-christ. <br />
I have also been praying for a experienced deprogrammer. One day a guy driving by was making hand signals out of his car for 15 minutes, just in front to the right of me. I could feel movement of some kind in my brain, I kid you not. Since then I have been holding up, say 8 fingers in the mirror, with the screw on motion, which is what I say him do. I am not saying you do it, but I had definite differences like it was some kind of back door. It could also trigger thing bad, so try at own risk.

Where do people go for help if they exhibit the symptoms of being a monarch?

The problem is those who are not aware but even more so, those who do not care

While it is frustrating that your story has been read so few times, remember that this is only one of many outlets for the message. In addition, not all that read our posts have ever been exposed to these realities in the past, and may have trouble accepting them. the fact of the matter is that we have prodded the curiosity of those who choose to read our posts,which was our intent in the first place I suppose. <br />
I suggest you keep posting the message in this and other similar outlets. keep plugging away and remember, the more we keep posting the better the chance of reaching those who are unaware. It also helps bolster those of us who are in the know too. Fight the Power! Your efforts ARE noticed!

Interesting read.......... it gets a rec from me.<br />
The shadow government continues its moves to consolidate its victories also see the Trilateral Commission.<br />
Many presidents have been members and the ultimate goal is a one world government.