The Shadow Government!

Those of you who do watch the videos,
I would suggest to watch them till the very end.
They will be quite confusing for those who don't have
some what of a back ground on the NWO.
You can read up on it or You tube "The illuminati"
There are many videos. But articles, good articles
are a tad bit harder to find.

Some basic infrastructure of the NWO and the illuminati..
An easy read, and pretty much a fair picture drawn of the
past and present history of the Shadow Government.


twilighteyes twilighteyes
3 Responses Aug 4, 2009

Your not rude and neither was I sorry I am a constitutionalist-They forseen this mess because they were men of God. Guess they were right-I sense. I will check this site out but I believe I have a pretty good source myself. Iwasn't trying to start war. So pleae quide me with my blindeness of what I cannot see. BTW-America will stand after this perfect storm has passed.

@ Nyxlilly: thanks yea it is, theres some stuff here and there that even I want to tamper with, but on the whole pretty fair..<br />
<br />
@ enigmaiam: Either your blind as a bat, but even they can sense the enemy, or have you lost touch with your senses also? Not meaning to be rude, may have misunderstood you.<br />
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But heres a very pretty link for you...<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
History is NEVER the TRUTH, it is always a perspective of a historian hence called a historian and not "O TRUTHFUL ONE"

What stage are we in, Today! I am a big fan of George Washington and his zars order of a Nation.