Oral Sex : For Love / Duty

a guy friend of mine were having a conversation about sex and the whole subject of oral sex came up. I was telling him that i didn't like the idea of it and where i'm from its tabooed.

(I mean , for God sake they have songs bashing this touchy topic and not to mention the awful and demeaning names for persons in the act. )

Anyways he was telling me that he doesn't c it as a duty but an act of love. Is it???? or is it overrated???? and what about the health issue???

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3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

I feel it is the most sensual and intimate thing a couple can share. I absolutely LOVE giving my wife oral sex, I enjoy her scent, her warmth, the sounds that she makes, and ultimately, the taste of her *******. Lucky for me, she enjoys relaxing and ******* for me. There is nothing wrong with sharing this intimacy with someone that you care about. Talk about it and experiment alittle, you have nothing to loose.

Its no duty, but for me one of the wonderfulst opportunities to please your partner or to be pleased by him.<br />
<br />
let your partner suck and lick your **** - feel the pleasure and you will understand me<br />
<br />

I would say it is a act of love it can be one of passion but there is nothing wrong with pleasing you partner.