Oral Sex With a Full Bladder

 I wrote this story for another group before I started this group.

  There is one experience that I remember. Not the act of peeing, but the holding it. Most girls I have met are not interested in watersports. I had been dating this girl for about a month when she told me she loved to hold her pee as long as possible and then let a little out and hold the rest. One day we were going to the mall for some items and the stop for dinner at a mexican restruant. Before leaving I asked her if she had to pee, to which she said yes. She had been holding it and had not peed since early this morning and needed to go quite badly. She said why don't we let a little out and hold the rest til we get home. I was not sure I could do that, but was game to try. She brought a cup for us to pee in and we could each let a cup out and hold the rest. I had to go quite badly so she held the cup and watched me fill the cup and the stop the flow. I keep begging her to let me let a little more out. She said that I needed to hold the rest til we got home. Now it was her turn, so I held the cup for her as she let her pee out. She had as much trouble stopping it as I did. After about 5 minutes we were able to move somewhat normally without using our hand to help hold it. We spent about 2 hours in the shopping mall. When we got to the car to go eat she was holding herself with both hands. She said lets just go home, I can't hold it much longer. I was having the same problem, so we went home. When we got there, I was holding myself and she could hardly walk. Once inside we quickly got undressed and started making out. She keep begging me to let her pee first as she couldn't hold it anymore and was starting to leak. I told her to let it out as I wanted to taste her pee. She aske me if she could also taste mine. She wanted to try and stop it after letting some more out. I was not sure I could do that as my mussles were so tired from holding it all day We both let go and tried to stop the flow again, but couldn't. It was the wildest and best wet sex I have ever had. Since then I have not found another girl that likes wet sex. We broke up a few years ago.


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I can't wait to meet a girl like that 0.0


Am wet just reading it..............


One way to use a full bladder, is to have your lover give her a pee douch, then have her hold it as you go down annd suck it out of her *****.

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How lucky you are to have a wife that loves to pee. Try to see if she can drink at the tap.

It's my favorite way to lick my wife ...

My sissymaid loves to drink my warm golden champagne while I sit on Its face. Of course there is a price for such a privalege It must first buy me a nice cold bottle of Krug Champagne for my pleasure while my bladder fills to make Its nice warm drink. It loves the taste of my warm feminine juices.<br />
However IF! It spills a drop It must drink its own pee for the next 24 hours and no other fluid<br />
I command all sissies than read this to give a bottle of French Champagne to their Mistress or Master

Damn but that sounds like fun!

mmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds brilliant x