Something I Dream About....

When my boyfriend says "I need to pee," the first thing I want to do is go down on him. It makes me so horny I can hardly keep my hands, or mouth, off him. Unfortunately he's not into watersports. When I was with a guy who was into it, we would both give/get oral with full bladders. We would get desperate to pee first. I would suck on him until he was oozing precum, but he couldn't *** with a full bladder. I know some guys can, and some say its more intense for them. For me, it felt soooo intense to *** with a full bladder. I would have explosive *******. I would pee in spurts with each contraction of my ******, and then a flood would gush out. When it was my turn to recieve his sweet pee, I would gently and softly lick the tip of his **** at the opening, and mouth the head ever so softly, hardly more than touching him. This would coax his pee out; the next thing I knew, I was getting a delicious hard little stream in my mouth that would soon start gushing. I would get totally soaked, drenched from head to foot as his big bladder poured pee for ages. Then as his stream finally started to slow, I would suck on him and drink from him until he was hard and starting to writhe and thrust against my face. I would bring him to an intense ******, pulling him tight up against me, and taking him deep into my throat until he gave me his ***.

wetlinda wetlinda
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That's the hottest story I have heard!! We need to get together

I had to lay back in the tub after reading this and let my stream fly until I emptied myself and then *********** to completion..
The whole time I imangined it was into your willing mouth. You really turn me on.

thats when 69s are best i wolud drink all your pee while you drank mine

With the current bf, oral is insufficient incentive to keep holding? Jesus, I thought that could never fail; it's the basis of my wife's conditioning! Male anatomy is obviously not helpful here, but I think you might turn it around ;) with a butt plug. Yeah, it's a bit of an eye-opener, but it can also shut the urethra from the inside, taking some of the pressure off until you can get things ship-shape up front.

Love your stories Linda! Oh yeah, full bladder is right off the hook... It's just an explosive ******...

Delightful and ever-so pleasurable!

wish you were here right now got a full bladder and after reading your story a hard ****

come and find me,your story made me gag for more,and use me as you will.

I am with you. LOve the wetness and the taste.

amazing Linda, so very fun and sexy of you beautiful, what a very fun and sexy lady you are xxx

omg! i wish i was yours! to have a really full bladder & be teased & kept hard so that i couldn't pee, but couldn't *** either, cause i gotta pee so much. i wonder how long you could keep me like that. i would sure love to find out! btw, while you're teasing me, i'd love to sample your golden nectar over and over again

what do you prefer in your mouth first, the ***** or the pee ?

You are a lucky girl. Drinking from the tap is always good.

All my golden nectar to you ....

Very nice story. Now I need to change underware. LOL

Very nice story.