Playin With The Boys Part 2

I called for the pizza to be delivered while brent and Jason set up the webcam so that they could watch me suck the pizza mans **** if he would let me,Lol
All i could do is giggle like hell thinkin about doing it so t took a couple more shots and slid a finger onto my **** rubbin it lightly to keep me real aroused and it was workin cause my crotch was hot and wet almost burning.
Brent kept bettin me i would not dare do it and i was having doubts to and then I seen headlights infront of the house and said he is here.
They went into the bedroom and said the webcam was working just as the bell rang.
My heart was pounding as i opened the door and seen it was a different person.
His name tag said ,Ken and he was kinda chubby with a beard and looked to be around fifty.
Smiling i said, Come on in and stood so that he was right infront of the cam and asked how much?
Ken sat down the pizza and said, Twenty two dollars mame.
Bending over with my *** facin him knowing the robe was over my *** and he could see my lace pink panties i took longer to get the money then standing back up i smiled handed him the money then seeing he had a shiny belt buckle that said,Ride the Wind I put my hand on it and said,Wow this is nice where did u get it?
As he cleared his throat i let my hand drift down rubbin over his zipper and he stammered and said,Wife got it on a trip long time ago.
Really, I said kneeling infront of him. Do u mind if i have a closer look at it ? its real nice.
He mumbled Um Ok I guess it ok.
Looking up at him as i unbuckled it with one hand and rubbed his crotch with the other
I licked my lips real slow and said,It feels nice and big Ken I just want to feel it before i give u ur tip.
His face was red and looked like he was sweatin as i undid his zipper and pulled out his short fat erection lickin the head of it three time before puttin it in my mouth and started suckin.
Five seconds later Ken stepped back and did up hia pants opening the door he said,Sorry ladie
Im married.
As soon as he shut the door i burst out laughin and the boys came down the hall and into the kitchen with me and we laughed so long i was sweatin like crazy and my belly hurt,LOL
Takin another shot I lit a smoke and said, Ok boys its time for u two to get naked and jerk each other off and give me a good show not a ten second *** shot.
No, Brent said, The deal was that if u sucked his **** we would jerk each other off and if he didnt let u you would have to suck both are *****.
Laughin I said, U seen it,I had his **** in my mouth.
Ya right Brent said.
U had it in there for a few seconds and he stopped u,Hell he never even came.
OkOk I said, We both lost I guess but to make it fair I want u both to undress down to ur underwear for the rest of the night and give me a foot rub,And besides that u both owe me acouple favors for letting u use my car the other night so if u dont do what i ask forget about using the car ever again.

Brent held his hand up and smiling said,Thats Fair Aunty ,Dont get mad we will rub whereever u want.

Laughin i said, I gotta pee so be ready to ***** to ur undies when i get back.
But i gotta warn u three things really turn me on and one is seeing guys with big lumps in there underwear and having my feet rubbed.
Just as i shut the bathroom door Brent said,Whats the third thing that turns u on?
Laughin I called back,U gotta wait and see, If it happens u will love it i think.
Peeing I looked at my panties and the crotch was so wet i thought about how dad rubbed my feet and my puss started to throb.
Comin back out I said, Ok undress.
When the did I smiled knowing the nice lumps in there white underwear was from there soft ***** but i knew soon I would be lookin at the lumps of hard ***** and said, U two look good like this.
Are u ready to give me a foot rub?
Sure, Brent said.
Takin lotion off the counter i walked into the living roon turning on the bright lights and sat in a comfy chair and told the boys to kneel down and put lotion on there hands.
Takin off my socks and leaning back i put a leg over each of the chair arms spreadin my legs wide and instantly seen there eyes go right to my crotch just before they took one foot each and began rubbin lotion on them.
Lettin out little moans tellin them how good it felt I said as i ran my hands down over my inner thighs and said in a kinda whispery voice, Work ur way up my legs and clear down my inner thighs .
Brent began and when he past my knee and started down my thigh Jason was still on my calf and in a moanin voive said, Jason keep up with Brent this feels real good and im so wet im loving every second of it.
Soon they was both rubbin my innthighs clear to the edges of my panties and I had a fast sudden ****** grabbing my puss i let out a louder set of moans and soaked my panties and hand covering my puss and gettin up said, I need a break.
Going into the bathroom I cleaned up and left my panties soaked on the floor and went back into the kitchen seeing that both of them was lookin hard as hell in there undrwear and said,After a smoke we can finish ok?
Sure thing ,Jason said.
Gigglin as i looked at there crotches i said,U both felt real good rubbin me.
Did u like touchin me?
For sure,Brent said as they both nodded.
Pointin to my feet I said, Have u two ever sucked a womans toes?
They both said no then I said, The third thing that really makes me horny is havin my toes sucked.
Will u suck on them for me ?
Tellin them to follow me i sat in the same chair and they both knelt down .
Looking at there eyes I leanded back some and lifted a leg over each arm of the chair and gigled as they both looked at my ***** wide eyed and said as there tounges rolled between my toes
Oh **** I love this.
Do u like My ***** Brent?
Noddin his head I moaned ,Brent I want u to lick my **** while I suck Jasons **** then after he **** ill suck u off.
Brent kinda dove right in and when Jason stood I had to grab his underwear and pull him to the side of the chair and said between moans put ur **** in my mouth.
While Brents toungue slipped between my ***** lips i sucked hard on Jasons **** for three or four minutes then he filled my mouth full of his hot salty ***.
Jason got down lickin me but only alittle so i thrashed my **** hard as Brent pushed his huge **** into m y
mouth ****** it like a ****.
I exploded in a hard strong squriting ****** that made me buck mq hpis then take a huge load of *** from Brents **** down my throat.
Soaked in sweat and fully spent i got up and said,Sorry boys im done orgasming tonight and im goin to bed but hang around tomorrow.
When i go into my room I ******** off my sweat soaked nighty and bra then flopped onto the bed feeling like a ragdoll from the last ****** but knew i wanted to **** them both,lol

A couple more things happened and ill post them here soon lol
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I bet they were glad the pizza man was married xx

I just posted part 3 but there is still anoth small part i need to wright,Im hopin u wiil wait and read it,,,I cannot wait to go home as my sons ***** is way fatter and longer thann Brents