Amazon is my friend when it comes to books. I don't mind getting them used. Unless I know for sure i want a brand new copy. If I've not read it, I wont mind if it's old. Books are books, as long as all the pages are intact, that's all that matters.

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I have over 1000 books on my Kindle, mostly free from new writers, I have only had two books I couldn't finish and have bought, yes bought, several sequels of really good books.

I use Amazon for all of my text books, they are definately cheaper than the book store on campus. I have also bought toys through them. They are awesome.

Thanks for the site. Also yeah, sometimes I forgot I ordered stuff too. Mostly because I don't order stuff that much. Am low on cash most of the time.

I love I find myself ordering books at least once a week. Sometimes when they come, I'm surprised because I forgot I ordered them! There's another great site for checking on books and comparing prices. Check out:<br />
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