Chapter Two: Had An Idea For Five Minutes



"But, you know, umm, ordering yourself to log out right now!"

They both shared an intake of awed breath which was immediately and sharply expelled. 

"Yeah... 'right now' ..."  She held her herself very still, trying to get her head around the thought.

Her friend nodded carefully, just in front of the thought but not actually connecting with it.  "I have an idea..."

They both heard the thought squeak with mirth at this.

"Well..?" she prompted cautiously.  "What is it?"

The thought waited intently as did she.

"This, ummm, this idea...?" she prompted.  "Cos.  Well, it might be a good one..."

The thought raced between them, creating tiny, bright, sparkles of electricity and which was for several long moments far more interesting than any mere idea.  But as the silence grew, it grew bored and became static again.  The sparkles became small threads and the static spread to them both as they held very still.  The risk of connection was far too great, still.

" 'S quite good, yeah," conceded her companion.  "It's, err, it's, umm, like, right now, well, it's just too...  too brutal, you know?"

Sparkles were changing the shape of the thought and they both blinked as it sped about behind both their eyes as it cunningly divided itself into two long and obscure but silkily inviting strands. 

The thought was now around her head and this was worrying to her.  "So...? Your idea...?"

Composed and calculated, her companion propositioned an idea. 

It was the idea, the thought realized with abject despair, burnt-out and prone now, unable to  avert a  definite articilulation from either.

"Change the sign!"

The very idea! thought the thought to itself, mirthlessly.

"Change the sign? But how? It's read."

"Hmm, it's red alright, yeah.  And it says-  "


"...Huh? Don't you want to know? I thoug- "

"STOP! STOP! It says STOP!  You think it's too brutal.  So do I think so!  It's too brutal!" she rushed on, besides herself with excitement as she followed the thwarted thought to a neat conclusion. 

"Well, yeah.... too brutal is right. It's too, too... final.  Too much!  So, we need a warning sign, that's all, a warning sign beforehand!" 

"A warning sign before the STOP sign!"

The very idea, indeed! thought the thought wearily.

"So, say, five minutes?"

"Yep! See ya back here in five, mate!"

They both exited the room from the same direction in which they had come from, with no thought of anything, including the idea of five minute warning which was accidentally left behind with the newly invigorated thought.

The amusement was worth it, every single time! the thought snuffled and sqawked as it gathered itself to regard the forgotten idea. 

The five minute warning idea, the very one, it waited forelornly for a few minutes until the thought itself had connected itself up and  gathered itself sufficiently together again to pronounce the following to the now indefinite idea.

The very thought! The very thought!

...and the very idea? suggested the idea tentatively.

Simply an interjection! the thought assured the idea but the idea had forgotten itself in any case and even allowed itself the liberty of joining in with a small smile at the hilarity of this thought.

This very thought! remarked the idea boldly.

The thought conceded.  Indeed! And this very idea.

They laughed for a full five minites apiece and as the paragraph drew to an end, there was no sign of any kind of STOP.   Full stop .




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lol, this is an odd but quite entertaining story! im gonna check out your other writings because of this, i like it. i like the way you wrote it, although it was a tiny bit confusing. <br />
<br />
and yeah EP is addicting lol :) i enjoyed this story.

how is five minutes five hours????? i am addicted to EP!!!!!