Copyrighted Material And Youtube Monetization Content

Copyrighted material and YouTube monetization content
By Anonymous January 7 2013

Part 9 Video Plagerism

Welcome to go through the article first let me begin where I am coming from, I graduated from an American university in Florida than went to UK for 2 years for further studies and finally to middle east to work for next 10 years to further go and study Microsoft Certified course & now back in the western world.
Firstly we need to sit back & take a deep breath & take a piece of paper & calculator not to forget our Starbucks coffee.
Above link for the video is on factual data of youtube policy lazy policy and super restrictions on copyright & their monetization versus the rest of the world & I have listed the top streaming video content major sites besides youtube. In order to understand the topic clearly one must watch the Plagerism video above first, please feel free to leave a comment on the story page.
Firstly we need to sit back & take a deep breath & take a piece of paper & calculator not to forget our Starbucks coffee.
What is being discussed is between focusing on average western user to second world to finally our global user & how they see fit in using YouTube monetization to their individual points of views.
When it comes to copyright law in other parts of the world the system of heavy rules and download policy are only effective to also very little effect within mainland US if the user has a little insight on how to use a computer than the western copyright is total failure in rest of the world major populated parts mainly to blame China.
Not being biased against China or the state in any way but issue is whatever China does in that region it’s a ripple effect to all the other states around that region. Its simple case of might is right policy versus copyrighted content being sold for $3 per copy DVD in those countries. For argument sake, if average man in rest of world is allowed to buy $3 copy of copyrighted DVD for personal use using the argument he or she makes $300 per month as per income per month as compared to western salary of $4000 per month for an executive. It is silly to this example as an escape goat & not do anything about the big picture. It’s like GMC making a new Yukon 4x4 only to discover some reporter secretly took pictures & sent it to Honda to make their better version of Toyota Land cruiser. If the think tanks not want any rules in the world than why put so much pressure on visa issuing to all the international citizens of all countries? Why not just create a European Union for the entire world? Or G.C.C. Arab rich nations or G7 or even G20 per say? It’s just doesn’t make sense. It’s like total defeat for whoever makes the hard-core policy for travel on plane to driving road rules on the road. For a person in western country to go through rigorous 3 or 4 year expensive to high scores demanding SAT to GMAT to O & A levels just to pass & get to a degree University for example for our average Joe, he needs to make term papers with proper source & bibliography for example. Whereas the poor man in rest of the world lives happy with someone else’s work for only $3 per copy and says to him what a genius I am for without using tutorials I can use it. Not to mention that any intelligent person from rest of the world wants to make new content or original than he or she has or no chance to break through the market barrier and dilute the issue altogether? What are their options? Let’s discuss it, personal I feel there are 2 billion people in just 2 countries if not more which are India & China who are not using their potential or even in America a huge population of 300 plus million are not even in the right wave length on a 65 years average life expectancy to make any new idea or just an even a mere thought for the better of the planet? So what are the options for our average poor man from the rest of the world? He can if knowingly knows a head office of the major name brand with his similar product to contact directly & if they want to look at it than he might get lucky if approved by management. If he wants to bring forward a new idea to global market and doesn’t speak any English he will need to get an interpreter to do the work and not to mention the cost of all translation mind you his average salary is $300 if not less! Average cost of translation per any foreign language on Google is around $60 to $100 per text of page. Let’s say he has some amazing tune on the phone who wants to publish it on major recording study he accidentally puts it online media cloud server, oops, the local market DJ used his song & now consequently his idea is reported stolen all this effort in $300 salary gone to waste. Need to think of a new idea. The local citizens mind set in global world thinks in terms of “hmm…what can I copy from the net today for my hard drive” period. He is not least bit bothered not to say also 280 million US users to think like him but the point is where there is corruption on every level in rest of the world, why should someone enforce copyright law per say? On the one hand we have the might of G20 to G7 or is it G6 now, the users here are building on new content and ideas whereas the rest of the world is looking his one eye to the left in the internet café & spying what the next guy is up to or evil corruption example of Tom & Jerry might type of “is right policy”. So after explaining the 2 basic opposites or 2 totally different worlds apart. I will call this dis-functional planet & the creation of internet is nothing but “****”, simple.

Back to the topic of monetization to copyright law, it is time to act on it, the thing that most western users forget is there are 2 billion users if we put even 30 % of them in internet cafes in span of 30 days wow that is a number larger than whole of western civilization combined! To the average 1 person browsing the net from one of the 2 billion name countries, to him YouTube is just another boring website which now if I count media streaming websites like YouTube the other day, I came up with more features to more bandwidth per say with better technology to newer servers or what not a list of more than 20 major sites but since I grew up in the U.S. system I just found out this information 4 days ago. Back to our example of 1 user browsing, if he doesn’t like YouTube he simply closes the browser & switches to his liking. YouTube is out of business. There are several reasons for this, first to him from global point of view to upload a video on YouTube is so difficult firstly, second there are too many rules just make or get it approved & thirdly to him all he sees are repeat ions of same videos un-organized or very out dated version of dis-organized videos from let’s say globally on YouTube. All the admin people have managed to do on YouTube is place most content in drop down category list boxes per say. This is something of a 1980’s out-dated operating system update patch failed to update up to now. Not even show the content in current standards of 2012, if we see some basic movies as even Iron man part 1, the LCD or computer screen in his office has display ability far greater than YouTube yet this technology is mostly developed is 90% of American companies all over mainland in executive offices. But our YouTube headquarter is still under the umbrella of our 1 individual who’s salary is $300 per month & build on him. “Yeah I got another user created on Gmail account”. I believe it is time YouTube scratch their backs or heads if they have one & come up with something better than monetization since all they are doing to rest of the world who’s population are over 4 billion, is “hey why don’t ya upload a new track, & if we can see it in our database than it won’t get approved”? There are real people with better minds to more talent than the average man or women browsing globally. I am not biased against YouTube at all if they give me job I’ll take it, but basically they only see one point of view which is their failure & that is the question?
There are real people with better minds to more talent than the average man or women browsing globally. I am not biased against YouTube at all if they give me job I’ll take it, but basically they only see one point of view which is their failure & that is the question?

Here is a updated list of other Youtube type streaming with better technology uptodate organized content and computers hardware from technical point. Enjoy!
Utube video limit of only 100MB with super restrictive copyright & monetization youtube laws with nothing to gain and un-organized content categories Better version than utube A copy of utube but with more organized content totally state of the art streaming content up to date technology ABC, like NBC, now offers a wide array of streaming videos, including full episodes of their most popular TV shows. The Archeology Channel offers hours of free streaming video based on culture, humans, and archeology. The National Archives streams footage of past events and old documentaries, including space documentaries from the 70's. Big Contact allows users to create their own channels, and offers several professional streaming channels for anyone to watch. Boasting over 32 million hours of video footage. This video website is marketed towards men, and has a list of daily video picks on their homepage. The videos are outrageous, funny, and short. Sports videos on all types can be found on Broadband Sports, including recaps, highlights, athlete videos, and personal sports videos. This website features sort clips, recaps, and small videos of random content : Their version of videos focuses mainly on the humorous end and focused toward the college demographic.
Comcast Xfinity: Comcast's fancast has been renamed to Comcast XFinity Videos. This shows a variety of free tv shows along with much content you have to be a subscriber to watch. More of an Indy/off beat TV shows and movie website, you can watch webshows and other shows you can't find on TV. Currently in Beta, this website has a wide array of modern video content, and is very similar to YouTube. Dailymotion is similar to Current TV, and offers a wide range of random video content. This website features favorite videos grabbed from many different sources and aggregated together. The website contains small videos, TV shows, movie trailers, news recaps, fan videos, and more.
DocumentaryStorm. "DocumentaryStorm is a website dedicated to free full-length documentaries gathered from all over the net. The main objective is to spread knowledge, index the thousands of educational videos on the internet and an all around freedom to investigate human ingenuity". With thanks to anonymous poster Harry for this suggestion A standard video streaming website. Docufest is an online video archive website with access to theater reenactments, historic video and radio streams, and interviews. NBC now streams dozens of episodes for free, including Heroes, According to Jim, and the Biggest Loser. An awesome and high quality website featuring user submitted satire, animation, and humor videos. This website is a 'shared digital video collection', and has lecture, documentary, educational, and historical videos, as well as others, for free streaming. Our Media lacks a professional site, but has dozens of channels to search . Phanfare is a unique video sharing website, as it is meant to be used with an iPhone, and makes uploading, sharing, and viewing mobile videos easier than ever. You'll find a wide array of content on Revver, most of it high quality and serious. There video base includes interviews, skits, product reviews, movie reviews, animations, and tutorials Sevenload is a sleek, professional-looking video streaming website with categories such as Music, DIY, Arts, and Politics.
SpeedyTV: User uploaded streaming videos and movies as well as sorted videos from other locations.
Starz Play: Starz Play is offered from Verizon, and allows users to stream hundreds of blockbuster movies and the Starz TV channel for $10 per month. Stickam is a twist on the modern video streaming site - you can browse hundreds of live streaming video feeds and interact with the other viewers via a chat box. This website has thousands of videos, most of them dealing with cars in some way - As the name of the website suggests, don't expect to find enlightening videos here. However, if you're looking for some good laughs, there's nowhere better than Stupid Videos. This website pulls the most popular videos from a wide range of websites and lists them all on the homepage for your viewing pleasure.
The News Hour The PBS News Hour. Miss an important news speak, coverage, or documentary? The News Hour has regular updates of free, streaming news coverage. Trueveo streams content from dozens of different sites, including Hulu, Lifetime, and GQ.
TVDuck: Provides links to other internet sources streaming movies and TV shows. UStream TV is another live streaming website, allowing users to chat with each other while watching and participating in live video streams. The website is a basic, bland video streaming site with random videos. Video Sift works very similar to the popular website Digg. Users add videos, and other users 'sift' through them, pushing the good ones to the top, while the poor ones fall to the bottom. Myspace TV offers a wide array of video content, including personal videos, vlogs, and TV recaps.
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