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Orphan Children Home (Lila Foundation)
About Orphan Children Home
Every child is born with promise and potential and all it takes is for us, as a community, to ensure that every child gets his/her rights, a chance to participate in the race of life as an equal citizen.
We are planning to actively involved in social charitable work for the downtrodden of society by providing education, food for the poor and orphaned, and the development of shelter homes for the poor, destitute and the orphaned.
We are been planning to carrying out different activities for the welfare of children since HORAC’s initiation in order to fulfill our primary objectives.
We are planning giving home education to them by recruiting teachers and engaging one in the morning and another in the evening in two separate shifts. We are also planning our children to give Education in English Medium Schools.
First we are planning to start our Organization with 10 children’s with Kinder Garden because of low financial Budget .

Our Mission
Orphan Children Home attends to the welfare of children in Nepal who are orphaned, abandoned, or not supported by their parents. OCH provides for the children’s basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, as well as schooling and health care, and administers to their emotional needs with love and compassion, allowing them to grow up in a nurturing environment. Our mission is not just to rescue children from abject poverty, but to enable the children to develop and realize their potentials.

"To work for the welfare of Children"
Our vision will be to make the provision of a home, love, happiness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment, the highest level of education possible, and a hope for a bright future for the orphaned, destitute, outcast, unloved, needy, sick, handicapped and/or dying children. We will wish to offer the children a residence full of family love and care, support them to attend school, connect them to a place of worship, and give them medical care and other facilities that help the children to succeed.
Orphan Children Home have its primary objective to meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of orphaned and/or destitute children by providing them with love, care, nourishment, guidance, and a good education so that they can grow to be valued members of society with a promising future and a memorable past .

Our Orphan Children Home will be founded with the following objectives:-

• Provide accommodation, food, education and love to the orphan and homeless children in a secure and safe Orphanage home.
• Provide medicine, primary health care and services to the children. Promote the children to become independent by developing their social, mental and intellectual capability through proper education and vocational training.
• To assure the children of their rights and make them aware of HIV/Aids and drug addiction.
• To impart the children the knowledge of Ayurved and Yoga and create public awareness for the same.
• Conduct advocacy and fund raising activities to educate the Nepalese society and foreign friends of Nepal about the care of orphaned and homeless children.

Financial Support
In addition to the net income from Volunteer Nepal, OCH depends on donations. So we are looking for the donators who can help for our Organization. We are going to start as a New so that there will be some difficulties for the process even we will be success because of the helping hand all around the world. Anything you can give will have an enormous impact on our ability to help these kids.

Summary of Activities will be provided from our Organization
• Food and Accommodation Services
• Parental love, care and protection
• Family Atmosphere
• Regular Health Checkups and Care
• Schooling for the children
• Recreation facilities such as music, dance, sports classes
• Collection of funds to the victims
• Educational Visits
• Extra Tuition Classes
• Referral Services
• Schooling to the children

Food And Accommodation Services
The organization will arranged a Children Having Their Dinner residential house for the children where healthy, nutritious and hygienic food and lodging service are provided in a family environment. A security system is in place so as to safeguard the children. The minimum facilities for the accommodation are in place.
Regular Health Checkups and Care
In order to keep healthy children we will intend to check their health and physical development periodically. The children are referred to the hospital for medical treatment, if needed.
Collection of funds for flood victims
Nepal often bears a heavy loss from floods and landslide in rainy season. We will help the flood and landslide victims..
Sports, Dance and Recreation
Dancing and singing are the favorite recreational activities among the kids. Our Organization will give the children enough opportunities to practice such activities.
Schooling to the Children
We will give school dress, stationary and books, school fees and daily snacks by our Organization . The Organization carefully will give Best Education for there Future.

Help Us With :-
(a) Sponsoring a Child
(b) SPONSORING Orphan Children Home
(c) Operation Support
(d) Technical Assistance

Sponsoring a Child
For individuals, groups or corporations wishing to sponsor a child, Our Organization offers two sponsorship options.

(a) Educational Support :- 400 Euro Per Child Per Year
This sponsorship program will provide a child the opportunity to study in a private school in. School charge fees for admission, tuition and examinations. In addition there are costs for uniforms, text books and stationery supplies.
By educating one child we can change the lives of generations to come by giving them hope for a brighter future.
(b) Full Sponsorships :- 60 Euro Per Child Per Year
This sponsorship program covers everything a child needs. It includes accommodation in our home and a very high quality education in a nearby private school where classes are taken in English. All school text books, uniforms and stationery required for attending the school are Cover
In this program. At our Organization Home each child will provided with secure shelter, bed, three meals a day and clothing.
(c) Partial Sponsorship:-
Should you decide you want to sponsor a child but are unable to fully support them, you may contribute a smaller amount towards either program.

Sponsoring At Orphan Children Home:-
Our Organization relies solely upon the generosity of individual sponsors to pay for the upkeep of the house and to support the children’s education and development. We would greatly appreciate any type of support whether it comes in the form of a one off donation of goods such as clothes, stationary or medical supplies; a one off financial donation; or continued financial support of the house or an individual child through sponsorship. We would also welcome anyone who would like to visit us whether it will be for only a few hours to play with the children or to volunteer with us for a longer period.

Operation Support
You can help Orphan Children Home for operation support by:
• Becoming a monthly regular supporter
• Becoming a particular expenditure supporter
• Become an education supporter
• Becoming a child sponsor
• Becoming an ambassador
• Become a communicator
• Becoming a volunteer
• Any support anyway will be appreciated

Technical Assistance
Volunteering in Nepal giving Technical Assistance
• Assistance for website build up
• SEO expert needed: Taking search engine visibility to next level
• Assistance with the office equipment
• Words of mouth to spreads words via internet
• Promote the organization via blogs, personal pages and social networking sites.
• Assistance for filming children daily activities, making documentary, photography and videos

About Volunteer Nepal in Our Organization:-
At Volunteer Nepal we are dedicated and well equipped to arrange for volunteers to be completely immersed in the culture by placement in the homes of village families where they share the daily life experiences of the average Nepalese family while working in the community in the capacity they have chosen. The volunteer will be rewarded by learning a lot about themselves as well as the lives of others in a developing country where language and religion, outlook and habits are all very different. Most volunteers leave with their life’s compass pointing clearly to a new direction in their lives.
Nepal is beautiful, diverse and exotic and the people unforgettable. Your time here will be spent safely surrounded by a community grateful for your presence.
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