I Want A "dress Buddy"

Hi girls

I am an 18 yr old cross dresser in Sydney and looking for a "Dress Buddy"!

Anyone interested. I suppose from 13 to 30! I'm bi so it could lead to more fun as well!

brentteenboy69 brentteenboy69
18-21, M
7 Responses Aug 7, 2012

Italy is a little far away, but we can be friends online

add me please

I'm from Newcastle would love to meet other cross dressers close bi

i wish i had a "dress Buddy" i would also like some one to go shopping with x

MMMM yeh a shopping trip would be exciting as well!

Ill be your dress budy aslong as you can do me a favor

Do I. Look good in my pics cause I think I look fat

No You look great!.

Really because I really think I have to get someone to by me an acual ballerina dress

Cool. Send me a message we can chat and maybe meet to dress soon!