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Bridesmaid Naked While Getting Ready

My girlfriend who I had been dating for 2 years (who was 21 at the time) was in a wedding party in Virginia (which was a 5 hour drive for us) The brides parents rent out a suite for the bridal party to get ready in the night before, so she went down early with friends. The dates were invited to spend the following night (night of wedding) but the girls wanted the room alone for thenight. So me and one of the other bridesmaids boyfriends, Jesse, were going to drive up early the next morning. I got a call the night before telling me all the things she forgot (jewerly and such) so we left around 4 am the next morning and drove to the hotel. I go up to the room to deliver what she needs and arrive to a chaotic room of girls getting ready. My girlfriend is at the time toweling off from the shower so we are waiting in the living room area of the suite. After hearing I was there she walks out with a towel around her waste and her arm over her breasts to get the jewerly from me. The arm covering her breasts seemed almost a formality as it dropped several times,exposing herself during our brief conversation, though she told us we had to leave We passed the bathroom again on our way out which is where she went towards, and once was in the bathroom, the arm no longer even attempted to cover her bare top, despite the fact that me and Jesse were still there. (we could see behind the glass door the frame of another naked girl in the shower as well, but didnt see who it was) So we walked out and as we are walking down the hall, two guys about our age in tuxes are walking towards the suite. They knocked and went in. So curiousity said I want to know who those guys are, and so I went back, pretending I had to get something from my girlfriend real fast. When i got in, she was still noticably topless in the bathroom. I asked her if she knew that there were other guys in the suite, and she said yes, they are in the wedding party and now have already seen her topless so whats the big deal, she had to get ready, and they had dates so not to worry. As she is saying this to me, she is taking the towel off her waste and putting it up in her hair making her now fully nude I ended up leaving, and asked her while drunk at the reception how many guys ended up seeing her naked while she got ready? She admitted to 3 guys in the wedding party and the brides 13 and 15 year olf brother who were also in the wedding party having seen her naked
onewaystreet5 onewaystreet5 26-30, M 8 Responses Sep 24, 2010

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Hot story... I'm sure the 13 and 15 year old boys will remember it forever. ;)

Yeah, that's hot

thats hot man

Damn. Guessing she liked it. Seems funny to go 'oh well, buncha dudes saw me naked., Weddings, eh?

she likes the attention she gets by doing this while in comfortable settings i suppose

The way she was going it sounds like you were lucky that ALL they got to do was see her naked. Unless it was something you may have subconsciously considered since you left her in that situation.

Nice. Did you get the feeling that she secretly enjoyed it?

very nice, she showed off her sweet stuff to quite a few guys!