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Several years ago my wife worked for a small company that did house cleaning. So usually worked with one other woman as they were required to work in pairs. One day she was asked to work with a different woman as her usual partner was sick.

As they were going to the house to clean the girl told her the place they were going was owned by a single man that worked at home so he would be there as they cleaned. After they arrived and all the introductions were done my wife and the other worker began their work. My wife said she noticed that several times the man would come into the room and just stand and watch them.

After they were there about an hour he came into the room and after standing there a few minutes he told them that he would double their wages of they were willing to remove their clothes and clean in only their panties and bra. After looking at each other a few seconds they both agreed why not as it would not be much different than a bathing suit so they both undressed.

He stood there and watched them finish cleaning the living room and the kitchen then as they moved to the master bedroom and bathroom he said he would give them each a hundred dollars cash if they would remove their bra and panties to finish cleaning.

At first my wife said no but the other girl said she could really use the money and removed her bra and panties. The man then said that for either of them to get the money they both had to agree it which my wife said OK.

As they both finished cleaning in the nude he stood in the room to watch them and seemed to really enjoy it when the other girl had to bend over the tub to clean the bottom of it as she made sure she spreed her legs and gave him a good view of her *****. My wife said she was a little nervous but also was getting horny with him watching her.

After they finished cleaning they went back to the living room and as they went to get their clothes he told them hold it a minute before they got dressed and walked up to the front of the other girl and lifted up one of her **** and lightly kissed her nipple then he did the same to my wife and told them to go ahead and dress.

After they dressed he signed their work order and handed each of them two hundred dollars cash and asked if either of them would be willing to be his personnel maid at which the other girl quickly volunteered.


My wife never did go back to this house and soon foud out the other girl ended up having a child by this client.

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Awesome that your wife took the opportunity to take his money. Awesome that he actually say her naked and he touched her ****. I hope that it was erotic for her as well and can only imagine it was stimulating for you.

As a married man...I cherish my wife as I am sure you do as well. guys are always looking at her, wanting her and fantasizing about I know she is mine and there could be intrigue and excitement from another man wanting to see her recommendation would be that she continue it.

There are nude/naked maid services in Vegas. My outlook for my wife is that she has been with other men before me including her ex husband in which she has had children. She is not and will not be leaving me, so why not the op to be a bit naughty as long as they share the story right?

As long as the guys are respectful...a woman can make lots of money doing such an average job, even if she does a ****** job at it, just because a guy gets to see what he didn't think he would.

mmm very nice made me start to get hard

wow really sexy story,your wife is a real gem to do that,mine wouldnt even for a $1000 bucks

i dont just that she is just plain boring and totally no excitement..she would probably report the matter to the company even if the guy offered her $2000!! hence why i am so sexually frustrated,she just doesnt share my perverted ways!!

That's what I thought my wife would have done also and really surprised me when she didn't. In fact she told the manager that if they ever needed her go go there again she would

A very nice, sexy story. The next time your wife is cleaning a house wearing just her bra and panties get her to offer to rmove them.

That's a great story. That man knows how to get the job done.

Very sexy story. I love the thought of my wife stripping completely naked for a stranger and enjoying it

I really got turned on when my g/f has sex with other guys...I love to hear the details.

very nice story!

My wife is looking for a house cleaning job. I am sure she would do the same.

THis was a very hot story. I have a similar fantasy, but have not worked up the nerve to hire a maid to do that

She told me she was a little nervous that he wanted to do a little more but was turned on by a man other than me kissing her nipple

how did you feel about him kissing her nipple?

It did make me feel Hot and Horny. Now she does our house cleaning nude. She has also cleaned several other houses in her bra and panties but has not had any of the clients ask her to remove them YET!:-)