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Hot Tub

Well over the weekend I had a family event to attend in another state. Instead of renting a hotel we rented a little apartment in a regular neighborhood for the couple days that we were down there, It was gorgeous and what makes it even better is that it had a hot tub. So the night of the event my fiance and I went back to the apartment and couldnt wait to get into the hot tub.

We finally get back and change into our hot tub attire (hers was thong bikini with a top that just barely covered her big nipples). So we get out side and come to realize that just two houses down there are a group of teenagers drinking beers and hanging out. It was dark out but I am positive they seen what my baby was wearing :)

So we hopped in and just relaxed for a while. Then we started getting frisky. She pulled down my trunks and was rubbing her beautiful *** cheeks all over my ****. Then she slipped off her bottoms and kept doing it allowing my **** to slide in her every couple strokes. Then I figured since I was getting so hard playing around with my wife why not give these neighborhood kids a little thrill. So I pulled her to the corner of the hot tub where they had a clear view of us ands he pulled off hert op with out even waiting for me to ask then as she was looking at these teenagers she smiled and rubbed her **** together to get her nipples hard.

It was too hot so I immediatley shoved my **** in her hole and pounded her as she eye ****** the **** out of these kids as I made her **** bounce up and down. By this point 2 out of the four kids were actually rubbing there *****, in there back yard! So I had her bend over the side ofthe tub and ****** her hard making sure to fill the quiet night with the sound of her juicy *** smacking my thighs.

Then I asked her what she would do if oneof these kids had enough balls to come over and she replied that as long as they were atleast 18 she would let them all have a turn, which grounded me because she has never agreed to anyone else doing anything else rather that beating off to her pics before this!

The kids started making alot of nasty comments to her and she told them to come on over, but unfortunatley non-of them would. So she said that since they scared we were going to take our fun in the house.

Then just as got out she was still naked, one of the kids jumped the fence and told her to wait...sheasked him how old he was and he said 17 so she said damn I would of let you *** in my ***** if you were one year older but I willlet you do she grabbed his head and shoved his mouth over her nipple, I almost came right there. Then I took her in the house and pounded her for all that I was worth and must of filled her ***** with about a gallonof ***.

Over all great weekend!

Goodtimes69 Goodtimes69 22-25, M 6 Responses May 4, 2009

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GREAT story!!!
Can you please add me?

I know, warriorssh, because I witnessed a black boss **** one of his employees about ten minutes after midnight when she was turning 17. He had teased her for a long time and had even ****** one of the other girls where she could see a few months before. He had one of the longest, thickest black ***** I have ever seen in person.. I was there with a distant cousin and didn't want to have family back home hear about my interest in black **** ******* my wife. I did have a lump in my pants, though, from seeing him do this young girl in front of dozens of men and women. Many didn' seem to pay any attention at all, so I think it may have happened every time he closed the place for a "private" party. This was outside behind the place with lots of food and drinks. My wife wasn't there as we had gone down to attend a wedding, but when I told her what I witnessed, she wanted to go have a drink at his place and flirt. No, she just flirted because I suggested she would need a new vagina after having that monster stuck in her.

So hot and in Tx. we can do 17 yr olds

Props to both of you. I'm sure you will be sharing her soon. Thats so damn hot. My wife has a birthday coming up sept 6 and I'm going to give her a man-gift. What state are you in?

Hot story ....I'll bet those kids will never forget her.

good story bet the teens still talk about it