A Day At A Nudist Resort

I am a single man in my early 60s with a very fair complexion and a few years ago I joined a nudist club, hoping to meet a single woman, preferably a fair skinned one like me. One day there a blonde woman walked in to the recreation area with a towel draped all around her. After a while she removed the towel and got in to the jacuzzi, exposing skin literally as white as a china plate. She looked extremely nervous, almost petrified, and so I got in to the jacuzzi with her and introduced myself. I asked her if she was nervous being nude and she told me it was not so much that but the fact she was so super pale and most of the people there were so tanned. I tried to tell her no big deal, at a nudist resort nobody cares if you're white, and she should just relax and enjoy herself. She proceeded to get out of the pool, go back to the parking lot, got dressed and got into her car. I never saw her there again and I was disappointed, as I was hoping to really get to know her and make a new friend.
Palejohn Palejohn
41-45, M
Dec 8, 2012