My Pale Female Doctor

I have been seeing a female internist for several years who, like me, has extremely fair skin that never seems to tan. When I go in to see her for a physical we always discuss the matter and compare notes on the frustration of being totally super white. I've tried to get her to go to the beach with me and have a little tanning contest between ourselves but she says she doesn't have the time. I'm romantically interested in her, and she knows it, perhaps that's the reason she won't go. She complains how embarrassed she feels when she wears shorts with her pasty white legs. I tell her about all the teasing I get from girls when I am at the beach. I'd love to take her to a nudist resort and get her to hopefully get over her embarrassment of showing white skin in public; at a nudist resort other people don't seem to care if you're lily white and pale and there are plenty of other pasty white pale people there on a busy warm day. I'll probably never get her to go, but it is nice having a pale "girlfriend" that I can compare notes with on the frustrations of being so very fair skinned.
Palejohn Palejohn
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Pale skin is much more attractive than orange skin.