Trying To Dig Out Of The Hole But Cant See The Light.

I dont know where to start...ive dealt with clinical depression and anxiety since i was 8. I am now 31i and feel it has creped in like a cancer and taken over completely. I fight my negative thoughts and impulses every day..moment by moment..second by second. I am tired now. It has taken over so much that i cant even leave my house. I dont understand the illness and i dont understand the purpose of my being? If it just seems like i will suffer in life. I want to be happy and contribute to society, i have dreams and goals but it just seems my illness takes over and wont allow me to be happy. I joined this forum to see if there are others who feel this way because people around me in my life dont understand.
Bodhi623 Bodhi623
31-35, F
Sep 12, 2012