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Gave Her Mom A Good Otk Spanking

Well I went to talk with this 16 year old girls mom.She was real pretty n sexy. I HAD told her that her daughter got spanked for sneaking in my house the other day.She looked at me in shock,n said I never spank her.I told her well maybe she should n she said no I wont she was a single mom.with that I grab her arm n said well think u might need a spanking n bent her over ny knee n she said what r u doing.I flipped her dress up n took her panties down n started spanking her good n hard with my hand harder n harder n faster the spanks went as I gave her more n told her this is what her daughter needs n spanked her so hard after a good 100 spanks her butt was so so red n sore n very hot n told her to get up n put her panties back on as she was crying with tears runing down
Her face n told her I would give her another spanking if she needed one n she smiled with a wink! Spnkbooty
Spnkbooty Spnkbooty 51-55, M 6 Responses Sep 25, 2012

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This got me so wet

Really so u got moist !

Very good 😃

Great 😃

How do you have fun hurting other people?

You can't be serious


Lovely story


She winked therefore she liked the spanking

Yes she did like the spanKing :)