My Ex-wife loved to be spanked she had paddles she liked me to use,and I bought a couple paddles that I liked.I would come home from work and she would be asleep or on the computer and the house would be a mess.I would tell her to go to the room and wait for me,I would get one of my paddles and meet her in our room.I would pull her pants down and put her over my knee,Then i would take her panties and pull them down,I would give her a few smacks with my hand to warm her up and then give her hard swats on her bare bottom with the paddle,she would cry and beg me to stop but i would just keep paddling her bare butt untill i thought she got what she deserved.
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I always have difficulty imagining a white woman being punished.

It kind of comes naturally for African women to be submissive. A man's right to punish his wife is very widely endorsed by men and women alike. White women seem more feminist.

It is not just enjoyment; I often really dread it, but we see it as something that is right.

Have you always believed in corporal punishment for wives?


Nice to hear.

Did she clean after ?

Thats good